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Up and down and sideways and backwards Quote Poet Unquote is a handy and delightful ars poetica as well as a reminder that "Poetry is rarely a victimless crime.
I shoved him and essentially he fell on his back and quote unquote he was injured," said the one-time PBA best import.
He said, and I quote, 'I tell you that there are ten thousand times more coincidences of Christianity with Communism than there might be with capitalism,' unquote.
Prior to the last election in 1997, I recall the words of Tony Blair, and I quote "don't dare to grow old under this government", unquote.
Quote, unquote Sharapova, when asked if she heard a crying baby during her second-round match with Victoria Azarenka on Wednesday night, said:
Mr Grayling stated, quote: "Youngsters without father figures should live life like footballer Gary Neville in order to stay out of trouble" unquote.
Now in their fourth year, the awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the private equity sector and are run by Unquote magazine.
The quotations "trapped and caged" in Quote Poet Unquote represent twenty years of collecting, and are principally derived from remarks published in newspapers and journals.
Giving the inside story on the war, former British ambassador to the US Chris Meyer reveals: "Blair's real concern was that there would be quote unquote 'a knee-jerk reaction' by the Americans.
Southwell puts on such a show today and Quote Unquote might have the final say in the Ladbrokes Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
Unquote and presented with their origins and meanings.
The web site, MFFAIS (Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks), lists recent trades in Tejon Ranch stock that it says it has gleaned from, quote "sources believed to the reliable," unquote.