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Unquote Private Equity Awards 2005 Winner: Venture Capital House of the Year
They include Simon Walker, chief executive of the British Venture Capital Association, John Holloway, director of the European Investment fund, and Unquote editor-in-chief Kimberly Romaine.
Karin Wasteson, a Swedish journalist working in the UK for Unquote magazine, said the violence that triggered the campaign was part of a "structural discrimination" that seems to be growing in Sweden.
Unquote and co-produced The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, made the comments as his creation, QI, returns to BBC2 after three years on flagship channel BBC1.
Besides, how come I'm always exposed to the awful scrawlings of bloated, spraycan lettering on walls, but never see the clever stuff read out on Radio 4's Quote Unquote, such as: "I think therefore I am - Descartes, I am therefore I do - Nietzsche, Do be do be do - Frank Sinatra"?
Fergal Lynch landed the most dramatic win of all, reeling in Inaminute and big drifter Quote Unquote in the dying strides on 6-1 chance Psycho Cat, who hit 12.
Southwell puts on such a show today and Quote Unquote might have the final say in the Ladbrokes Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
He can still be among the winners today though, where his juvenile Quote Unquote returns to Brighton with leading chances of avenging her defeat at the seaside track earlier in the month.
Nigel Rees, host of Radio 4's Quote Unquote, edited the book, bringing the history of linguistic and cultural developments up to date with entries from the world of advertising, film, politics and pop.
Bush had a point of view about Chief Justice Moore's defense of his 10 Commandments monument, this individual said only that, and I quote, "it's important to respect the laws in the court," unquote.
Cowdery insists that quote, Conflicts of interest do not apply to volunteers, unquote.
Trade magazine Unquote and private equity firm LDC's UK Regional Mid-Market Barometer reported that no transactions had completed in the mid-market, where values are between pounds 5m and pounds 100m, in the North-East between January and June of this year.