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UNUnited Nations
UNUser Name
UNUniversity of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)
UNUnidad Nacional (National Unity, Peru)
UNUnreachable (customer care)
UNUlnar Nerve (anatomy)
UNUser Network
UNUncola (7Up)
UNUranyl Nitrate
UNUranium Nitride
UNUn-Reachable Node
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In Ay-ry, schools were closed on Friday and many villages have been unreachable since morning.
The police said a cousin of Kumar had reported that the victims were unreachable since July 9.
The Liverpool-born jockey took two notable scalps in the process, as Ashmal and Unreachable Star were partnered by two of the strongest jockeys in the weighing room in Neil Callan and Jim Crowley.
Cortec M-369 combines film-forming properties with Cortec's patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI), which provides protection in places unreachable by film-forming corrosion inhibitors.
Do you//wonder, when you hear the mountains/in my speech that I'll never penetrate those trees/because they have become real to me,/and why I shake so in retreat/fearing the snowdrifts, the avalanches, the/broken landscapes that have made you unreachable, a fable to tell to deer/before thy learn old ways to be wild.
While total honesty is unreachable, she writes, it's a worthy ambition.
Fittingly, when designing this modest house on a typically cramped Tokyo site, the architect chose to create Fuji in microcosm: an unreachable subject of contemplation.
He was responsible for the domestic sales and marketing of Merck's vast portfolio of medicines, Sheares, one of BE's Top 75 Blacks in Corporate America, was unreachable for comment.
Such a move would push full communion between Catholics and Anglicans "into the far and ultimately unreachable distance.
Some of these are the dances of honey bees; chimps configuring boxes to be able to reach otherwise unreachable bananas; wasps providing food for their larval-stage offspring at the time of egg laying; the amazing abilities of bats, in spite of our propensity to malign them; a homing pigeon rescuing a lost battalion in WW I (the bird's remains are in the Smithsonian); macaques washing potatoes; and the recreational sex of dolphins.
In short, the distinctive Deaf culture that contemporary social scientists have able to document appears--at the moment--to be unreachable by historians.
Yeah, like them lying about the check being in the mail and quickly becoming unreachable.