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485, a7-9; Julch 2011: 232) and in Falin's main work, the Bianzheng lun [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
A similar revaluation can be seen in Pat Barker's superb novel of World War I Regeneration, in which the opaque place holder for unreadable behavior is "shell shock.
We would love [TEXT UNREADABLE ORIGINAL SOURCE]o see the industry pull together much more.
Catherine is the General Manager of Edelma[TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE] San Francisco, and has more than 20 years experience in developing and executing successful marketing and communications programs around the world.
Maverick Real Estate LLC, led by Steve Williams, obtained [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
They hope to locate the tapes -which have not been seen for 30 years - before they deteriorate so far as to be unreadable.
They bring out funky little catalogues with unreadable texts, then over the months and years, less and less funky formats and more and more readable texts.
Seventy-five percent of respondents in a recently concluded survey of information technology (IT) executives indicated that their companies suffered unrecoverable loss of corporate data they thought was successfully backed up to tape due to unreadable, lost or stolen media.
Stored data is encrypted and hence unreadable if the data is lost, stolen or even if spyware is trying to extract your information for undesirable purposes.
During pregnancy, target plasma glucose levels should be 60-90 mg/dL before breakfast; 60-105 mg/dL before lunch, [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE]er, or a bedtime snack; less than 120 mg/dL 2 hours after meals; and above 60 mg/dL between 2 a.
Contemplating texts from multiple periods in English, French, Anglo-Norman, and Latin, each of literary, dramatic, legal, historical, and musical significance, The Book Unbound includes essays about how to edit sung objects, digitizing nearly unreadable fragments, using server-side databases, and much more.
Peinado, like a contemporary version of the great explorers, conjures up itineraries, meandering through an increasingly unreadable sociocultural field.