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99 per month with a talk-time of 2 hours, unrestricted SMS and data allowance of 100 MB devoid of any contract link period.
200 million in 2011-12 then become unrestricted free agent.
The difference between restricted and unrestricted is what it sounds like, simple freedom.
The MOU states that the level of unrestricted cash required so that Air Canada does not have to provide the processor with additional cash deposits has been reduced to CAD800m.
The EdTrust report also found that districts spend more unrestricted money on affluent schools, which also tend to get more-experienced teachers, co-author Marguerite Roza said.
2) a deduction is allowable for the taxable year because it was established after the close of such prior taxable year (or years) that the taxpayer did not have an unrestricted right to such item or to a portion of such item; and
This 'e-book' presents the first unrestricted solution of the classic n-body gravitational problem, which the author feels is possibly the most celebrated unsolved problem in science.
It was established the taxpayer did not have an unrestricted right to the income.
Canfield's book names names of Chinese officials and Chinese corporations and front companies now carrying forward Beijing's strategy of unrestricted warfare, on American soil, in American ports and waterways, and in strategic points worldwide.
Atlanta-based CARE USA (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Every-where) has seen unrestricted donations drop 30 percent compared to the same period last year, said Marilyn Grist, CARE's senior vice president for external affairs for CARE.
In today's real estate market, the value of unrestricted land can potentially be in the millions of dollars.
One million dollars will go directly to the unrestricted endowment, the proceeds from which will ensure continued creative direction for ACA-related grants and long-term funding for important projects.