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U/SUpstream (Process Engineering)
U/SUnderstudy (theater)
U/SUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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The unsatisfactory appearance of it is due to the fact," said he, "that on descending the river the boat was upset and the case which contained the undeveloped films was broken, with disastrous results.
Hawker, the old squire, had been a loose, unsatisfactory sort of person, had been on bad terms with his first wife (who died, as some said, of neglect), and had then married a flashy South American Jewess with a fortune.
He had made up his mind tonight to speak seriously to Ruth on the subject of her unsatisfactory behaviour to Mr Vince.
Kenge and Carboy will have something to say about it; Master Somebody--a sort of ridiculous sexton, digging graves for the merits of causes in a back room at the end of Quality Court, Chancery Lane--will have something to say about it; counsel will have something to say about it; the Chancellor will have something to say about it; the satellites will have something to say about it; they will all have to be handsomely feed, all round, about it; the whole thing will be vastly ceremonious, wordy, unsatisfactory, and expensive, and I call it, in general, wiglomeration.
Thus the glimpses we had of the grand panorama below were only fitful and unsatisfactory.
When we are among the Kukuanas, my good friend Infadoos, we do as the Kukuanas do," I said majestically, and turned round quickly to address Good, who was tramping along sullenly behind, his mind fully occupied with unsatisfactory attempts to prevent his flannel shirt from flapping in the evening breeze.
It was unsatisfactory, and I could not imagine that she would be content with me; I was not content with myself.
It was unsatisfactory everywhere, but the corner behind the piano in the sitting room was better than other places: he had never slept there yet.
Such was the discomfort she felt when forced to sit through an unsatisfactory piece of music badly played.
I confess," said Lydgate, smiling, "amusement is rather an unsatisfactory prescription.
But since he had no intention of approaching her, this was anything but an unsatisfactory fact.
If our honorarium is unsatisfactory, kindly telegraph us at once and state what you consider a fair price.