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U/SUpstream (Process Engineering)
U/SUnderstudy (theater)
U/SUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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As they came south, Helen retreated over the Brenner, and wrote an unsatisfactory postcard from the shores of the Lake of Garda, saying that her plans were uncertain and had better be ignored.
At first they found Sonia's letters dry and unsatisfactory, but later on they came to the conclusion that the letters could not be better, for from these letters they received a complete picture of their unfortunate brother's life.
But today that satisfaction was embittered by Matrona Philimonovna's advice and the unsatisfactory state of the household.
Fyne's reach in charge of a governess--a very unsatisfactory person," he explained.
Brooke was obliged to make very unsatisfactory reports, for Laurie was always playing truant and running over to the Marches'.
The tinkle of more or less untuned cottage pianos floated out of open stern-ports till the gas-lamps began to twinkle in the streets, and the ship's night-watchman, coming sleepily on duty after his unsatisfactory day slumbers, hauled down the flags and fastened a lighted lantern at the break of the gangway.
The c out declared secretary health Sindh report unsatisfactory.
The 13 unsatisfactory samples comprised five milk samples detected with total bacterial counts exceeding the legal limit; two crab samples and a preserved mustard sample detected with cadmium exceeding the legal limits; a bottled fruit juice sample and a dried mango sample found to contain undeclared preservatives; a Chinese lettuce sample detected with pesticide residue at a level exceeding the legal limit; a hairy crab sample found to contain dioxins and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls at a level exceeding the action level adopted by the CFS; and a laksa sample detected with excessive Clostridium perfringens, a pathogen.
An employee with unsatisfactory rate will not be entitled to receiving the annual allowance.
It added: "Leadership and management are unsatisfactory overall because compliance with all regulatory requirements has not been ensured and the implementation of policies has not been consistently maintained.
On June 10, 69 out of 94 voting parliamentarians recognized activities of the Ombudsman unsatisfactory.
The highest percentage of unsatisfactory educators -- 2.