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Caption: Figure 2: Inflammatory markers in rats receiving diets varying in their unsaturated fatty acid composition for 4 weeks followed by TNBS-induced colitis.
Other research findings also reported that the utilization of unsaturated fatty acids such as monounsaturated fatty acids reduced fat gain, which agreed with the current study, in which the utilization of more unsaturated fatty acid containing niger seed oil and sunflower oil showed significant decrease in body weight gain percentage and feed efficiency ratio compared to palm oil [9, 36, 46].
Taken together, results of the current study indicate that DDGS can be utilized as a feed additive and has beneficial effects on unsaturated fatty acid formation in pork meat without deleterious effect on carcass characteristics and growth performance.
Atractylodes contained the highest levels of unsaturated fatty acids (84.54%) followed by Glycyrrhiza (78.87%), Paeonia (77.71%), Bupleurum (67.60%), Mentha (62.79%), and Psoralea (37.25%).
Due to the differences in melting points of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and the chain length of fatty acids, the fatty acid composition affects the texture of meat (Wood et al., 2004).
Radish seed oil contains plenty of sulforaphene [12-13] and tocopherol [14-15] and unsaturated fatty acids accounts for 90% in its fatty acid composition [16-18].
Reduction in saturated and increase in unsaturated fatty acid content is the improvement of nutritionally superior traits, which can increase the consumer preference by reducing the risk of heart diseases (Ofuya and Akhidue, 2005).
* Partial replacement of saturated with unsaturated fatty acid
Japanese researchers said Thursday they have succeeded in transplanting a spinach gene into a pig in order to change pig fat into linoleic acid, a principal unsaturated fatty acid found in plants and considered essential to animal nutrition.
Trans fats contain a type of unsaturated fatty acid that didn't raise much of a health alarm until the past decade.
Determination of fatty acid composition of three months stored ice cream exhibited two different trends; saturated fatty acids increased whereas, unsaturated fatty acid decreased as a function of storage period (Table 4).
The ratio of unsaturated fatty acid to saturated fatty acid can affect the DE and ME contents of lipid (Wiseman et al., 1990; Powles et al., 1993; Jorgensen et al., 2000).