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Other recommendations include improving communication with the public to help them select the right unscheduled care services for their needs, producing a detailed timeline for the implementation of a 111 call service in 2015 and ensuring staff in emergency departments have the correct skills to meet the needs of the growing number of elderly people attending A&E.
What is the mold distribution for the #1 unscheduled mold stop reason?
He said if any area was facing unscheduled loadshedding, citizens should immediately register their complaint to the respective area SDO.
Prof Drakeford said: "When I was appointed as Minister for Health and Social Services earlier this year, I indicated that one of my main priorities was the area of unscheduled care and the need to bring a new sense of national purpose and urgency to the whole unscheduled care agenda.
A Singapore Airlines flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop during a flight today (3 July) after a passenger allegedly became unruly.
TAKHTBHAI -- The residents of Takhtbhai demanded to end the prolonged hour's unscheduled load shedding in the area as it was reached to 18 hours in a day which completely destroyed the daily life in Takhtbhai tehsil.
The delegation informed the LCCI president that tripping and unscheduled loadshedding was damaging the industrial activities in the Ferozepur Road Industrial area.
Islamabad -- The factories and industries located in the capital are facing unscheduled and additional load shedding.
Contract notice: Provision of Unscheduled Driver Services for the Collection and Delivery of MOD Owned Roadworthy Vehicles within Mainland UK (excluding NI).
Excessive handover times at emergency departments affect capacity within the unscheduled care system because ambulance crews are consequently unavailable to take the next call.