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He alleged that local Pesco officials carried out unscheduled loadshedding in the city to cover up losses the company suffered due to electricity theft in rural areas.
Clearly the majority of companies are suffering unscheduled stops through non-scheduled PMs while attempting to keep cavitation efficiencies at accepted company levels (see Fig.
Elected Nazimeen and Councilors Ettihad of Barikot staged a hunger strike on Tuesday against unscheduled load shedding and delaying in making functional the Barikot grid station.
The central bank made the clarification in response to speculation that the apex bank was planning for an unscheduled rate hike as it had done in February when it raised rates half a point in an unscheduled decision.
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, admitted that he planned the unscheduled stop.
The PK731 flight from Pakistan to Jeddah made an unscheduled stop in Bahrain," sources told the GDN.
Alaska: A flight from Chicago bound for Beijing made an unscheduled landing in Alaska, United Airlines said Thursday, after reports and passengers said a woman had tried to hang herself in a toilet.
The move is part of an overhaul of unscheduled care aimed at easing the pressure on the work of emergency ambulances and casualty departments.
Authorised health professionals can access the record to help with the care they provide to patients in unscheduled and emergency situations, where access to this information can be difficult to obtain or non-existent.
The faction came up to the decision to call unscheduled session on March 1.
A retrospective audit of women in Scotland having an early medical abortion from January to September 2010 looked at unscheduled re-attendance within six weeks of the procedure for an abortion-related complication and method of contraception provided at discharge.