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UNSUniversidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
UNSUniversitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesian university)
UNSUnions (US Postal service standard street suffix)
UNSUltimate Ninja Storm (gaming)
UNSUniversity of Natural Sciences (various locations)
UNSUniversity of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France)
UNSUnicenter Notification Service
UNSUniversal Navigation Switch
UNSUser Name Server
UNSUnified Name Service
UNSUnified Numbering System (alloy designation system)
UNSUnified Special (threaded fasteners)
UNSUnnilseptium (bohrium, element 107)
UNSUbiquitous Network Society
UNSUnified Network Services (Cisco)
UNSUniversal Need Statement (USMC)
UNSUnskilled and Semi-Skilled
UNSUred za Nacionalnu Sigurnost (Bureau for National Security, Croatia)
UNSUniversity of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
UNSUniversal Navigation System
UNSUnited Nations Spacy (Macross, Anime)
UNSUnilateral Nerve-Sparing
UNSUnsecured Navier-Stokes
UNSUrgency of Need Statement (US Army)
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It says "unsupported software" is any software that is no longer supported by the supplier.
The audit warns of the possible loss of funds through unsupported payment vouchers totalling Sh865 million and missing vouchers totalling Sh2.4 billion.
The current record is held by Johanna Davidson from Sweden, who was 33 when she completed the same route solo and unsupported.
[USA], Dec 27 ( ANI ): US Citizen Colin O'Brady has become the first person to traverse Antarctica alone, "unsupported and unaided".
If user's think that they have uploaded any unsupported videos to Google Photos, then can head over to this link and take a look.
This ratio is equal to the unsupported length of a slender column, such as an ejector pin, divided by the radius of gyration.
Windows 7 and 8.1 users with next-gen CPUs have been unable to receive software updates due to Microsoft's "unsupported hardware" error, but one clever techie recently posted a fix for the problem to (https://github.com/zeffy/kb4012218-19) Github .
The workload is ridiculous and I feel completely unsupported by my boss.
Coleen says WELL, you know what, you're in work a long time - most of your life, in fact - so it's miserable to do something you hate and where you feel unsupported.
THE Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have expressed their sadness at the death of explorer Henry Worsley, who was on the brink of making history with the first unsupported solo crossing of the Antarctic.
The ex-Army officer, 55, from Fulham, south-west London, was just 30 miles (48km) from becoming the first adventurer to cross the continent unsupported and unassisted when he had to call for help.
On Thursday, August 13, Gary will be setting off on a 1000 mile, unsupported cycle around Iceland to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.