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Foremay's SSD drives after Type-III secure erase are unusable
If you don't ship your M2 and MKI9 machine guns with the correct lubrication and packing protection, you can end up with weapons that arrive in Southwest Asia so corroded they are unusable and unrepairable.
Yesterday, secretary of the club James Holmes said the clubhouse was now unusable and would cost hundreds of pounds to redecorate.
to developing countries is unusable and creates an environmental hazard, according to a report by the Basel Action Network (BAN), a Seattle-based environmental group.
Most troubling to some critics, however, is that textbook activation expires after five months, leaving the books unusable.
THE Los Angeles Unified School District has twice ditched plans to complete the $309 million Belmont Learning Center - the nation's costliest and still unusable school that sits atop a leaky oil field and an earthquake fault.
The people inside would asphyxiate and the tunnel would be unusable for months.
Eavesdropping on the photons, such as setting up a photo detector to read the code, disrupts them, making the codes unusable and alerting the network to the snooper.
Locker Boss magnetically suspends to utilize the upper three sides of unusable space in a locker while allowing easy access to other items in the locker.
Wirral's social services department said the care homes have become unusable, but pledged there will be the same amount of beds available for providing care facilities.
When heavy" rains made parking and campsites near the concert venue unusable, Stokes invited the "Phish heads" to park in the school lot and on the school fields.