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"The team anti-the they an"Extensive damage has been caused and parts of the building are now completely unusable. Det Sgt Rob Parker
A municipality spokeswoman added that although finances are 'tight' it is important to boost the new appearance of Paphos and the old decorations were mostly broken and unusable.
Hurricane Ophelia, which hit the coast of Ireland, made unusable part of the stadium of the local club Cork City, the Irish Sun reported, supporting its information with pictures and videos.
The inquiry will also include the newly-delivered trains from Dalian, China, which are allegedly unusable.
The Heritage Project offers an innovative long-term solution to the problem that faces Graymont in terms of disposing of unusable stone overburden from the Bedford quarry.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Many workplaces became unusable following a bomb attack in ystanbul's Sancaktepe district, which left eight people, including five soldiers, injured on Thursday.
But when I lift them and put them into nets to store, they go soft and brown from the outside within weeks and are unusable. I have tried setting in a different spot to no avail.
For instance, it had 18 warehouse bays crammed with thousands of unusable items, and warehouse staff had difficulty maintaining the bays' organization, accountability and cleanliness.
- Destroying the encryption key to render the entire drive unusable and inaccessible
The council said unusable space at the top of the UAE's 19 tallest buildings was an average 19% of their total height, a measure it called the 'vanity height'.
Most computer programs are unusable, or become unusable over the course of time, because the program itself and any accompanying program documentation are written or modified, usually unintentionally, for the programmer himself or others who are already familiar with both the use and Logic of the particular program.
My chair may be old and battered, but it is the only way I can get around, and the missing parts render it unusable.