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Again, there were no placards or maintenance record entries that indicated those seats were unusable or that the repair of those seats was deferred.
The transmission facilities required by these new technologies can be placed in existing, otherwise unusable space in all types of properties, and thereby create a new source of income for the property.
Large numbers of fire fighters worked a lot to put off the fire which left the vehicle unusable.
The telecommunications company has installed a mobile recycle bin on the institute's campus, enabling students to easily discard old, unusable mobile handsets safely and responsibly.
Barry-based office supplies company COS - The Complete Office Solution - is asking companies around South Wales to donate any surplus, unwanted, redundant or unusable office supplies in a bid to go green and help a British charity.
Our goal is to help customers recover value from technology, and ensure that unusable hardware is responsibly recycled," he says.
The borough's social services department said the care homes have become unusable, but pledged there would be the same number of beds available for providing crucial care facilities.
Drafted earlier this month, the water agency proposal argues that the 2000 Santa Clarita Urban Management Report is inaccurate because it counted groundwater now deemed unusable due to industrial contamination and it also relied on state water allocations that actually vary from year to year.
No one has ever stopped volcanic activity, but it might be possible to contain subterranean peat fires, which can burn for years and render vast tracts of land unusable, Dysthe notes.
Virts today announced that the department will be offering its unusable agricultural pesticide disposal program in 1999 to growers in Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, Howard and Montgomery Counties.
Compare the cost of a $15 bushing, or even a full set, to the cost of a large number of unusable castings.
The Towers at Portside rise from what was once considered unusable land," she said.