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UNVUnited Nations Volunteers
UNVUniversity Park Airport (State College, PA airport code)
UNVUniversity of Nevada
UNVUnité Neurovasculaire (French: Neurovascular Unit)
UNVUnited Nations of Vexillium (game)
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A big unverified expenditure of Rs25 million due to non-production of record has also been identified in audit report.
Many news organizations--particularly broadcasters, who rely on photos and video--were forced to use unverified user content or nothing at all.
Preying on human naivetA and fears, such nasty and unverified messages invariably hurt honest establishments.
However, Judge Allen's opinion was not one of intemperate or colorful language, but crossed that line by falsely accusing Judge Kahn of corruption and using unverified statements from materials outside of the record of the case.
James F Pankow said it is still unknown as to what degree these chemicals cause cancer in conventional cigarettes rendering the PREP claim "speculative and unverified.
The church seems to have been the ignition point of the joyous but unverified rumor: "families began streaming out of the church, yelling 'They're alive
The Bluedorns point out errors of logic occurring in the Beacon articles, including appealing to unspecified, uncertified, unverified sources; using a lack of evidence as proof; and using manipulative language.
Sonderman has written a personal apology to the Dorseys and admitted he reported the statements as if they were known facts when actually the information regarding the Dorseys' martial status, plus the information about the financial situation at the radio station and its investors, were completely unverified statements.
New features deliver dynamic protection against the latest protocols, support for segmented networks and enhanced integration with corporate directories to identify unverified users trying to access IM and P2P services.
Bush his unverified, highly suspect, and razor-thin victory.
For her the practices of curiosity include "gossip, an unregulated exchange of an unverified information that commodifies others; hoarding, usury, and idleness, conceived as vicious kinds of acquisition that feed off society for personal gain; occult investigation, the pursuit of prohibited information about life beyond, before, or after death; and the public assertion of professional identity, the colonization of values by self-defined experts.
Furthermore, I do not understand how a respectable publication such as The Architectural Review can publish such a one-sided, biased, unverified article such as this.