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UNVUnited Nations Volunteers
UNVUniversity Park Airport (State College, PA airport code)
UNVUniversity of Nevada
UNVUnité Neurovasculaire (French: Neurovascular Unit)
UNVUnited Nations of Vexillium (game)
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California accounted for about one-quarter of the families included in the study data but about 93 percent of the 35,276 nonfilers with unverified identities.
The Board has warned it will take action against those found to be involved in the supply of greyhounds to countries where welfare standards are unverified.
Seeing that everyone believed the fake news story, he decided, as a joke, to tweet that he and his friend Jack had really joined ISIS and that's why Twitter unverified their accounts.
The PTA has announced that the unverified SIMs record will be permanently removed from the database this week.
We were able to speak to those in the security establishments on that and I was told that they were aware of that particular piece of unverified information that was passed on," Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said in an interview over government radio on Saturday.
PMC renewed its call to the media to adhere to professional standards and ethics and seek credible information from official sources rather than depend on unverified rumours on social media that are often aimed at spreading misinformation and chaos.
Orlando de Leon, commander of the Sulu-based marine brigade, said 14 Abu Sayyaf and eight MNLF rebels died during a three-hour firefight in Patikul township, citing unverified information that reached the military.
Summary: Unverified footage has been released, showing a truck filled with explosives being blown up outside a Syrian army outpost.
The International Atomic Energy Agency's latest report has little new information and, other than unverified intelligence reports, no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.
Unverified video shows the Libyan government flag being thrown from a central tower in Zawiyah.
Ljupco Popovski from Utrinski vesnik concludes that at these elections, the voters showed that they do not want to spend their votes for unverified projects.
Environmental law organisation Client-Earth said claims such as "sustainably sourced", "protects the marine environment" and "responsibly farmed" were misleading or unverified on 32 products out of 100 it examined.