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UPBEATUnderstanding Pine Bark Extract as an Alternative Treatment (US NIH)
UPBEATUnified Psychogeriatric Biopsychosocial Evaluation and Treatment
UPBEATUniversity Partnership to Benchmark Enterprise Activities and Technologies (various schools)
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on Merseyside, Liv erpool West Derby can didate Stephen Twigg was the least upbeat with an upbeat rating of just 49 and the highest score in the area for appearing wor ried.
If you, a friend or family member is feeling any unhelpful emotions, such as worry, guilt, are depressed or struggling with life, or already happy with life, this book will help you be more upbeat.
OWL CITY Umbrella Beach More dreamy and electronic tinkering from Owl City, that's more upbeat and pacey than his huge hit Fireflies earlier this year.
Upbeat Dirty Dancing track, I've Had The Time Of My Life, rose to number three on the list.
Richey was said to be trying to remain upbeat while back behind bars.
Markets: Stocks clawed higher again Thursday, ending a holiday-shortened week on an upbeat note and extending the winning streak of the Dow and Nasdaq to six days.
It's possible that being upbeat helps the body fight illnesses, say the researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh.
Emirates Executive Vice Chairman Maurice Flanagan remains imperturbably upbeat despite the challenges facing the global air transport industry.
Adding to his overall upbeat outlook, Tulloch said various end markets, for the most part, should be positive.
Through her company, UpBeat Drum Circles, Christine offers keynotes, seminars, corporate team building, diversity training, and conference events.
Also featured on the bill is Lila York's Breathless, an upbeat piece set to music by rock 'n roll star Jerry Lee Lewis.