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UAOBSUpper Air Observation (US DoD)
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And the TAFs themselves are based on sparse surface and upper air observation networks, supplemented with bits and pieces from ship reports and satellite winds.
Finnish electronic measurement systems manufacturer Vaisala Oyj (OMX Helsinki: VAIAS) said on Wednesday (16 July) that it has signed an agreement with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to supply radiosondes for the upper air observation network of the Bureau.
A 500 mb wind speed of 110 knots was reported in the evening Lincoln, Illinois upper air observation.
The report said 35% of 160 upper air observation points around the world were not fully functioning in the second half of 1997.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of an automatic drill rig and radiosondes for the upper air observation network.
Finnish electronic measurement systems manufacturer Vaisala Oyj said on Tuesday (8 January) that it has signed a significant contract with a long standing customer for upper air observation products.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 July 2002-Vaisala Oyj receives order for upper air observation systems in Australia (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The loss of a PanAmerican aircraft in 1938 due to weather on a trans-Pacific flight prompted the Coast Guard and the Weather Bureau to begin tests of upper air observations using instrumented balloons.
Award: Upper air observations for nationa weather service (nws), weather forecast office in greensboro north carolina
Award Notice: Upper air observations at the weather service contract meteorological observatory at denver, co