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UUnd (German: And)
UUpper Class
UWind Speed
UUpdate(d) (action code)
UUnlimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
USunday (one letter abbreviation for day of week)
UUtah (ammunition headstamp)
UUtility (US military aircraft designation; as in U-6 Beaver)
UKosher (from Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)
UUniform (aviation letter code)
UUnitary (mathematics)
UAtomic Unit (measure of mass)
UUmdrehungen (German: RPM)
UUnterseeboot (German: submarine)
UUnion Metallic Cartridge Co (division of Remington Arms; used on head stamp of .22 cartridges)
UEnvelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UUnit of measurement for rackmount equipment (U is 1.75in or 4.44cm)
UUnknown Wind Intensity (weather reports)
UUS DoT tire speed rating (124 mph)
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These bitter realities are simply rising hatred in the hearts of lower class for the upper class. A serious and practical approach to address and resolve the issues is required to save any future tragedy.
Mark Anderson, executive vice-president, customer, commented, "We're investing over $382 million to improve our customer's experience of flying with us including a new website, developing a fully wi-fi connected fleet, and the refit of our A330 Upper Class cabins.
That means families of three would have to make about $125,000 to qualify as upper class families in 2014.
The airline is also testing iBeacon with its Upper Class passengers at Heathrow, a new low-powered Bluetooth transmitter that can notify nearby iOS Apple devices of nearby services, discounts and updates on their flight boarding schedules.
Virgin Atlantic has decided to offer its Upper Class ground service to all passengers.
Travelers who book their airline tickets at VirginAtlantic.com by October 12 can pick up their upper class tickets for just $1,500 each way.
As you enter the Upper Class cabin your attention is immediately drawn to its 9ft (2.7m) bar which, the airline says, "is the longest in the sky" Its Senior Designer, Gareth Southall, pointed out that the new Upper Class layout has the bar relocated to the rear of the cabin--a change from the earlier design concept--in order to reduce the level of background noise.
The gloss was created to launch the airline's newly designed Upper Class Cabin.
The collaboration is aimed at servicing its Virgin Atlantic Airways' Upper Class chauffeur contract to supply 2,100 cars.
Virgin Atlantic said today that its Upper Class passengers departing on Christmas Eve and arriving on Christmas Day will receive Christmas stockings.
Our award winning Upper Class offers the longest flat bed in the sky.
The closing of Paddy's Market is the final proof we need that the upper class executives of Scotland's councils have redefined the definition of regeneration to now mean "the social and class-cleansing of a city or town to benefit the upper classes".
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