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UDUniversity of Dayton (Dayton, OH)
UDUniversity of Delaware
UDUnanimous Decision
UDUsted (Spanish: Formal You)
UDUrban Dictionary (slang web site)
UDUpper Deck
UDUdine (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
UDUniversal Design
UDUniversity of Dallas (Irving, TX, USA)
UDUtility Dog
UDUndead (gaming)
UDUser Defined
UDUsaha Dagang (Indonesian trading company)
UDUtenriksdepartementet (Department of Foreign Affairs)
UDUpper Division
UDUnder Development
UDUnified Defense
UDUniform Design (mathematics)
UDUniversity of Dubuque (Iowa)
UDUgly Duckling (band)
UDUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (UN; also seen as UDHR)
UDUniversity of Denver
UDUser Domain
UDUnder Duress
UDUrban District
UDUniversity of Detroit
UDUnlawful Detainer
UDUnión Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Union)
UDUnderdark (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
UDUnited Defense
UDUltimate Doom (game)
UDUniversitair Docent
UDUnited Devices, Inc.
UDUnderwater Demolition
UDUltimate Disney (website)
UDUnderwater Diving
UDUnit Diary
UDUndesirable Discharge
UDUnited Diesel
UDUniversal Default
UDUtility Degree (AKC Obedience Degree)
UDUt Dictum (Latin: As Directed)
UDUnder Defeat (game)
UDUtility Driver
UDUnidoom (gaming clan)
UDUniquely Decipherable
UDUtilisation Declaration
UDUnitary District (UK)
UDUlcerative Dermatosis
UDUnit Designator
UDUrban Disease
UDUnofficially Dropped (grading system)
UDUnable to Approve Departure for the Time Specified
UDUnremove Directory (Norton Utilities)
UDUnabsorbed Depreciation (accounting/finance)
UDUltraDiagnostics (South Attleboro, MA)
UDUnder Digging (pipeline construction)
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I don't know what the statistics show but I'd hazard a guess that most violent attacks occur on the upper deck.
The Upper Deck of the Etihad Airways A380s includes three distinct passenger experiences, as well as a luxurious lobby area.
The Upper Deck of the Etihad Airways A380s includes three distinct passenger experiences, as well as a luxurious lobby area; The Residence by Etihad, the worlds first private three room cabin on a commercial aircraft, featuring a living room, bedroom and bathroom; First Apartments in First Class, 74 per cent larger than the current First Class Suites and Business Studios in Business Class.
There are two Economy Class cabins on the Qatar Airways A380, with 56 seats on the upper deck in a 2-4-2 configuration, and 405 seats on the main deck in a 3-4-3 configuration.
Secondly, getting you on to the upper deck gets you out of the way of the firefighters and gives them a chance to do the job they are trained to do.
Had they discussed it openly with the upper deck people, they could have reached a better solution.
Ironically, nearly a year ago, Tyler Morris, another firefighter, also fell from the upper deck while attending a Rangers-Indians game.
The National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) and National Hockey League (NHL[R]) today announced multi-year trading card license agreements with Panini America and The Upper Deck Company.
Major League Baseball has settled its lawsuit against Upper Deck today.
The vehicle's scissor-arrangement extends up to the aircraft's upper deck service door--27ft (8.
based Upper Deck, says grocery retailers still have a great opportunity to build sales of trading card products.
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