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A two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to analyze differences between the number of upslope and downslope roots at La Selva and BCI.
In the case of contour tillage, upslope displacement distance for ridge tillage was greater than that for flat tillage (P = 0.0082 for [beta]) because of soil delivery to the furrow from the ridge by gravity (Figure 5a, b).
These edge effects are partially due to slightly smaller water contents near the upslope and downslope edges of the greens, but also are the result of the least squares interpolation routine used by the graphics software.
The upslope area of past anthropogenic enrichment had significantly deeper soils than the adjacent "uninfluenced" area.
Reference sites were continuously forested upslope to at least 400 m from the tributary or main stem and for [greater than]30 y had been free of management and other human-related disturbances such as harvest, thinning, fire and livestock grazing.
I still see a very nice upslope, especially with GDPs (Gross Domestic Product) continuing to grow around the world," he said.
Downslope tillage was always performed on Slope 1; however, tillage in the opposite direction ('upslope tillage') was performed on Slope 2 after 1982 following implementation of the family contract responsibility system in 1982 and the farmers' awareness of soil loss resulting from downslope tillage.
The company has support from Aveda, Hallmark Cards and Upslope Brewing as it hones the process with a few small-volume customers on the Front Range.
This overrunning pattern and the upslope flow causes deterioration of ceilings and visibilities, which means terminals in this pattern may be IMC at night and marginal VMC during the day.
The latest injury to Woods was caused when he was playing from a severe upslope with an awkward stance.
Two of the alternatives run just upslope from the current alignment for long stretches, using areas "where water management is more feasible," according to the committee.