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U/SUpstream (Process Engineering)
U/SUnderstudy (theater)
U/SUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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With the DPTI transaction, Upstream has over 550 outpatient physical therapy clinics across 27 states.
on the influence of upstream bends on the discharge coefficients, Cd, of classical Venturi tubes and orifice plates indicated that the for pipe bends upstream of an orifice with undisturbed inlet sections smaller, as demanded in ISO 5167-1, it was recommended to install the pressure taps in the direction of the inner side of the bend (0o angle position) [1].
Upstream PS Managing Director, Joe Corvetti, said,"We commend our Queensland teams strong track record of performance since having commenced maintenance activities with Australia Pacific LNG in August 2014, which has led to the award of this additional CSG-LNG (coal seam gas-liquified natural gas) Contract.
Understand the complex regulations and contractual requirements applicable to Congo's upstream oil and gas sector
8220;Call Center Week is an ideal occasion for demonstrating Upstream Works' latest upgrades, to keep our clients and ourselves current with the industry's cutting edge technologies and to build mutually beneficial relationships,” said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President.
In his new role as Executive Officer and Head of Upstream, David will report directly to H.
Upstream provides asset development and production services to the upstream oil and gas industry, the company said.
We confine our attention to the duopoly case where the upstream wage is negotiated through union-manufacturer bargaining and discuss the different effects that the bargaining power of the union has on the upstream and downstream mergers, respectively.
Drake says Upstream has a history in product assurance testing that it is using to build business assurance models that focus on four principal criteria: security, continuity, reliability and quality.
The move is part of a wider plan by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to establish a "core company" to take over the upstream oil business of JNOC.
69-617 ameliorates this result by not applying the LR doctrine to a parent-subsidiary liquidation if the upstream transaction can also qualify as a reorganization.
Tang, an assistant professor at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, a retrotransposon was found to be inserted in the same upstream location as the Accord element described earlier, and it too upregulated the Cyp6g1 gene.
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