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U/SUpstream (Process Engineering)
U/SUnderstudy (theater)
U/SUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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Upstream Works software solutions are available from Upstream Works directly or through their distribution partners.
The upstream portfolio had approximately 574 million barrels of oil equivalent of proven and probable reserves at 31 December 2009.
The model is characterized as follows: (a) the product market is imperfect, organized as a duopoly, and the upstream firms produce homogeneous substitutes; (b) downstream competition occurs in terms of quantities; (c) in each upstream firm one distinct union is active; (d) the manufacturers have the same demand functions, production functions, unions' utilities, and bargaining power; (2) and (e) it is assumed that contracts stipulated by a producer and a downstream firm remain unobserved by the rival upstream and downstream firms.
To fill the gap that will be left by JNOC, METI has devised a scheme whereby the three leading upstream companies in Japan--JODCO, Inpex and Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development (SODECO)--will merge to form a core company with total responsibility for all upstream operations.
The application of the LR doctrine to an upstream C reorganization would be significant because, if an upstream combination of wholly owned T into P can constitute a C reorganization, many (if not most) liquidations of T into P would be excepted from the LR doctrine.
Further, the solvency regulations only require the upstream contractor to comply with monitoring and contingency requirements.
As a result of the integration with Magento, Upstream Commerce will automatically extract product, pricing and assortment data directly from the Magento platform and import it into the Upstream Commerce system, matching and comparing it with data collected from competitors.
9 Latest Developments in Middle East Upstream Industry
Upstream Works Contact Center Agent desktop has some significant new features including a “scratch pad” to eliminate paper, reminders for off line activities, manual activity tracking, and improved and flexible data capture for business intelligence.
The facts are the same as in Situation 1, except that in the acquisition merger, the T shareholders receive solely X voting stock in exchange for their T stock, so that the acquisition merger, if viewed independently of the upstream merger, would qualify as a reorganization under Sec.
For example, each upstream liter of river water contains about 2.
GBI Research's report, Upstream Processing in Biopharmaceuticals - Increasing Use of Low-Cost Disposable Bioreactors to Drive the Upstream Bioprocessing Market, provides the key to market data on overall upstream process, Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) market for upstream processing, and the cell culture and reagent market.
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