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UUnd (German: And)
UUpper Class
UWind Speed
UUpdate(d) (action code)
UUnlimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
USunday (one letter abbreviation for day of week)
UUtah (ammunition headstamp)
UUtility (US military aircraft designation; as in U-6 Beaver)
UKosher (from Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)
UUniform (aviation letter code)
UUnitary (mathematics)
UAtomic Unit (measure of mass)
UUmdrehungen (German: RPM)
UUnterseeboot (German: submarine)
UUnion Metallic Cartridge Co (division of Remington Arms; used on head stamp of .22 cartridges)
UEnvelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UUnit of measurement for rackmount equipment (U is 1.75in or 4.44cm)
UUnknown Wind Intensity (weather reports)
UUS DoT tire speed rating (124 mph)
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In addition to its outstanding property portfolio, Bayswater Uranium has a highly regarded exploration management team with a track record of significant uranium discoveries, including the high-grade Cigar Lake deposit in the Athabasca Basin and Australia's giant Jabiluka deposit.
If Iran is pursuing a uranium weapon, the biggest technological problem by far is separating and purifying the tiny percentage of the fissile [U.
Although the Athabasca Basin has been mined extensively, Baker says there have been new discoveries that have developed new models of how these high-grade, "unconformity-type" uranium deposits uranium are formed.
It was also a strong sign, say the researchers, that the fissioning of uranium in at least one part of the Oklo mine operated in a cyclic fashion.
Brundage adds that South Carolina health officials don't expect serious health effects to result from the uranium contamination.
civilians need to be concerned about depleted uranium as well.
Twenty-one hours after the chain reaction began, rescue workers halted it by draining water from the mixing tank and smothering the uranium with boric acid, which absorbs maverick neutrons.
groups opposing the use of depleted uranium weapons.
They were trying to think of something that no one else had thought of," Clinton's former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Joseph Stiglitz explains only half-jokingly, "and then someone had a brilliant idea: Why not privatize the making of atomic bombs -- or at least the processing of the uranium that goes into atomic bombs?
Dietz, a former Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory scientist, a five-micron particle of uranium oxide can travel miles from its source and lodge in the lungs permanently, where it would expose surrounding tissue to a 1,360-rem radiation dose each year, 8,000 times the federally permitted dosage.
Clark added, "The ongoing review of our database to locate and quantify uranium deposits on our 183,000 acre land position has already led to the significant increase in mineralized material at Roca Honda.
To learn more about Mega Uranium, visit them online at www.