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UNUnited Nations
UNUser Name
UNUniversity of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)
UNUnidad Nacional (National Unity, Peru)
UNUnreachable (customer care)
UNUlnar Nerve (anatomy)
UNUser Network
UNUncola (7Up)
UNUranyl Nitrate
UNUranium Nitride
UNUn-Reachable Node
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This delay in the elimination of the drug may be the result of renal abnormalities caused by uranyl nitrate; this result agreed with [29], that observed the prolongation in the elimination half-life of ciprofloxacin in uranyl nitrate-treated rats when compared with those in the normal rats.
Uranyl nitrate [U[O.sub.2][(N[O.sub.3]).sub.2].6[H.sub.2]O], with a specific activity of approximately 0.2 [micro]Ci/mg, and sodium nitrate (NaN[O.sub.3]) were purchased from Mallinckrodt Specialty Chemicals Co.
In 1956, "we had some money left over in one of our contracts, and we bought some uranyl nitrate, then forgot about it," Turkevich says.
Whish and her colleagues treated ovariectomized mice with uranyl nitrate in drinking water.
Sublethal concentrations of azasteroid blocked uptake of glucose and alanine by viable resting cells as did uranyl nitrate (Smith 1964).
Using a combination of conventional biochemical studies and serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), we examined the renal responses to uranyl nitrate (UN) chronic exposure.