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Urban Core III will also feature experts discussing the key issues affecting urban revitalization in New Jersey, ranging from eminent domain to brownfield redevelopment to student housing.
The skills and values required to succeed in the global economy, particularly autonomy, collaboration, self-directedness, and responsibility, are lacking in most urban high schools (Anyon, 2005; Egol, 2004).
Looking beyond North America and Europe, we identify other areas of intense urban dynamism.
In Free Schools, Kozol wrote that urban parents should exit the public school system because reforms within the system, "no matter how inventive or how passionate or how immediately provocative," are simply an "extension of the ideology of public school.
In the nineteenth century the British and then other European imperial powers developed new techniques of urban segregation, laying out separate districts for Europeans and "natives" in literally hundreds of cities, especially in the aftermath of the Great Uprising of 1856 in India, and then again after the Scramble for Africa.
This book takes a broad view of urban health, emphasizing urban social factors important to population health.
This year's program theme, Nature at Your Service, aptly demonstrated how our urban ecosystems can reconnect people to their urban natural resources.
We have lots of room to grow, and I challenge you to think in non-traditional ways" and develop capabilities for non-traditional urban environments.
We've created a whole section with urban fiction;' says Nia Damali, owner of Medu Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia's West End.
If counselors are to be a meaningful force in improving the education and development of urban students, they must recognize and deal with the current and emerging issues that most directly affect urban schools and students.
A graduate of the well-regarded Tokyo Commercial College, Seki was initially a high-flying political economist who spent three years at the turn of the last century studying and travelling in Europe and the US, a period which helped spark a nascent interest in social and urban reform.