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URGEUniversity Research for Graduate Education (est. 1994; Indonesia)
URGEUrban Green Environment (greenspace development project; various locations; EU)
URGEUnlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment (Ziggy Marley foundation)
URGEUniform Rating of Generating Equipment
URGEUltra-Rapid Gradient Echo
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Korak felt an intuitive urge to rush to her protection.
Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 19 ( ANI ): With Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections inching closer, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is leaving no stone unturned to urge voters to cast their vote.
As a unique full service creative agency, Urge provides the necessary tools to fulfill the public's creative cravings by first understanding the motivation for community action.
'I urge the Ministry of Transport and Communications to provide enough exits and lights on the expressway.
As an urge arises, observe it with childlike curiosity.
Mobility impairment is associated with urge but not stress urinary incontinence in community-dwelling older women: results from the Ossebo study [published online ahead of print June 10, 2013].
"Although Urge Media is not the official representative for AXC, we want to help in promoting their achievement in whatever way we can," he said.
The present paper proposes a theoretical framework and a treatment strategy for dealing with the urges to drink that alcoholics experience during recovery.
In contrast, 24% of black women reported pure urge incontinence symptoms, compared with 11% of white women.
Furthermore, if, as previously suggested, re-experiencing altered states of awareness associated with previous alcohol use serves to increase alcohol cue-reactivity in regular drinkers, then perhaps the unusual experiences factor affects positive urge to drink.
We urge consumers to make their homes more energy efficient and to maintain their vehicles and drive sensibly to reduce their gasoline costs," Callahan said.
"We therefore strongly urge the MTC and its members to set aside the Model Statute and resume its discussions with the business community," it concluded.