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URGEUniversity Research for Graduate Education (est. 1994; Indonesia)
URGEUrban Green Environment (greenspace development project; various locations; EU)
URGEUnlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment (Ziggy Marley foundation)
URGEUniform Rating of Generating Equipment
URGEUltra-Rapid Gradient Echo
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No," said he; "it is a long-cherished scheme, and the only one which can secure my great end: but I shall urge you no further at present.
As no arguments I could urge, in my bewildered condition, had the least effect upon his modesty in inducing him to accept my bedroom, I was obliged to make the best arrangements I could, for his repose before the fire.
So had his way of life:--he invited no comer to step across his door-sill, and he never strolled into the village to drink a pint at the Rainbow, or to gossip at the wheelwright's: he sought no man or woman, save for the purposes of his calling, or in order to supply himself with necessaries; and it was soon clear to the Raveloe lasses that he would never urge one of them to accept him against her will--quite as if he had heard them declare that they would never marry a dead man come to life again.
But this I urge, Admitting Motion in the Heav'ns, to shew Invalid that which thee to doubt it mov'd; Not that I so affirm, though so it seem To thee who hast thy dwelling here on Earth.
Wamba presently appeared to urge the same request, observing that a cup after midnight was worth three after curfew.
Morison no longer obeyed his will--they flexed to the urge of a greater power--the power of Nature's first law.
How admirable in you, Julia," he said, seating himself by her side, "to urge what was against your own wishes, in order to oblige your aunt
I would urge them more myself, but that I am impatient to be rid of him, as Mainwaring comes within half an hour.
I must calm myself and think things over,' he said to himself, but yet he could not stop, and continued to urge the horse on, without noticing that he was now going with the wind instead of against it.
Cuvier used to urge that no monkey occurred in any tertiary stratum; but now extinct species have been discovered in India, South America, and in Europe even as far back as the eocene stage.
It was but the instinctive urge of the male to protect its offspring and its mate.
He longed to look round again, but he did not dare do this, and tried to be cool and not to urge on his mare so to keep the same reserve of force in her as he felt that Gladiator still kept.