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The Staples Center in Los Angeles opted to retrofit 178 Falcon Waterfree Technologies urinals as part of its focus on sustainability, a key consideration for the owners since the arena's construction in 1999.
Personally, if I'm in a bar and the whiz-biscuit in the urinal talks to me, I'm going to assume I'm too drunk to be walkin', much less driving
A STOCKTON company selling waterless urinals has just secured its first big order.
Eco Ad Ltd, based in Stockton, is the only company in the UK with the rights to supply pubs, universities, businesses and sports centres with Falcon porcelain urinals.
With Laufen, he has developed the innovative, water-saving urinal Antero and the urinal divider Cinto.
The dry urinal is also optionally available without a cover.
Verteco has been awarded a letter of recommendation by DEWA, recognising the water efficiency parameters of its waterless urinal system.
Miss Yarm said two other officers then went in and continued "as he approached the urinal one officer became aware that he was holding an iPhone in his left hand and that the camera application was activated, pointing towards himself and his colleague as they were using the urinal.
YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP WHAT to do while using a public urinal is one of men's most tricky dilemmas.
THE EVENTS of past two weeks have drawn out anti-government sentiments on many subjects, but few might have expected a CTO advertisement in a Glaswegian urinal to become a target.
The search is on for a missing piece of Birmingham heritage - an ornate Victorian urinal, which has inconveniently gone missing.
Water is flushed even when no one is using the urinal," he said.