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U/AUnder Agreement (legal)
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Results: Urinalysis was identified as an invalid indicator for renal tract calculi in patients with acute flank pain.
If there are, in fact, some true UTIs without evidence of inflammation from the urinalysis, are they as harmful as those with "pyuria"?
Modern urine analyzers have significantly improved the efficiencies and productivity in today's clinical laboratory by drastically reducing the labor burden associated with manual urinalysis and adding the benefit that the same technology used for automated urine microscopy can be used for body fluid analysis.
To that end, they set about seeking agreement between the two methods of urinalysis as well as seeking differences.
The urinalysis business, which includes the KOVA system of urinalysis products, will adopt the name Kova International Inc.
This partnership includes a distribution agreement that was signed by Mediwatch to distribute worldwide the ACON line of urinalysis products under the Mediwatch brand, Urinewatch.
The new policy also designates punishment for any Sailor who helps or has knowledge of another Sailor defeating a urinalysis.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 1 screening dipstick urinalysis at age 5.
The controversy surrounding urinalysis as a routine screen in childhood involves "treatability" of the diseases it detects.
Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, today announced new agreements for urinalysis analyzers, reagents, consumables and service have been awarded to Iris Diagnostics of Chatsworth, Calif.
Urinalysis remains a potent screening tool for the clinician.
27 August 2010 - US-based medical diagnostic testing equipment company Sysmex America Inc announced on Wednesday a three-year sole source microscopic urinalysis contract agreement with Novation.