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UBGUnited Breaks Guitars (Dave Carroll song)
UBGUltimate Bar Graph
UBGUmts Border Gateway
UBGDie Unternehmensbesteuerung (German corporate tax journal)
UBGUgly Bald Guy (holster manufacturer; Stansbury Park, UT)
UBGUltimate Bar Graph (airplane engine analyzer; Electronics International, Inc.)
UBGUsed Bike Guide (motorcycle magazine)
UBGUnion Betriebs GmbH (German media business)
UBGUnify Beautify Glorify
UBGUtama Banking Group Bhd. (Malaysia)
UBGUnification-Based Grammar (teaching technique)
UBGUniversitat de Barcelona General
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Dark urine was statistically related to bilirubinuria (OR 6.7, CI 1.6-6.0, P < 0.001), blood (OR 3.6, CI 1.9-5.2, P < 0.001), hemoglobinuria (OR 3.1, CI 1.5-6.0, P = 0.001), hematuria (OR 2.2, CI 1.2-3.9, P = 0.006), urobilinogen (OR 2.8, CI 1.6-5.0, P < 0.001), and proteins (OR 5.8, CI 3.5-9.7, P < 0.001).
Convert urobilinogen to stercobilinogen, which is excreted in the faeces as stercobilin and imparts the brown colour to faecal matter.
1, although all the urine parameters were higher in the malarial patients in comparison to the controls, only bilirubin and urobilinogen were statistically significant (p <0.05).
Urinalysis (Day 3) Patient Reference Color Dark Brown Clear to yellow Appearance Cloudy Clear Glucose 70 Negative mg/dL Bilirubin 1+ Negative Ketones 5 Negative mg/dL Specific gravity 1.019 1.001-1.030 Blood 2+ Negative pH 5.0 5.0-9.0 Protein 100 Negative mg/dL Urobilinogen 4.0 <2.0 mg/dL Nitrite Negative Negative Leukocyte esterase Trace Negative Red Blood Cells >100 0-2/hpf White Blood Cells 3-5 0-2/hpf Squamous epithelial cells 0-2 Variable/hpf Bacteria Few Rare/hpf Hyaline cast 6-10 0-2/hpf Granular cast >15 0-2/lpf White Blood Cell Casts 0-2 None/lpf Mucus None Variable Amorphous crystals Many Variable/hpf
Glucose tubular resorption would be total in this species, because its presence in urine was not verified in any of the cases; glucosuria is abnormal in all domestic animals (Coles 1989, Kolb 1989), Urobilinogen found in the urine of the studied frogs would be normal, because it is the hemoglobin metabolism terminal product; it is habitually present in urine of both carnivorous and herbivores species (Coppo 2001).
Peak elevated laboratory values included a creatinine of 17.3 mg/dL, blood urea nitrogen 82 mg/dL, urobilinogen 4+ EU/dL, and urine protein 100 mg/dL.
A urinalysis of a dark-colored specimen showed blood (3+) (free hemoglobin or myoglobin), no bacteria, no red blood cells, no urobilinogen, pH 6.4, and a urine myoglobin of greater than 2,200 ng/mL.
Urinary urobilinogen and bilirubin were more than moderately increased.
The doctor may want to check your son's bilirubin level and test for urobilinogen in his urine.
Urinalysis demonstrated a slightly elevated urobilinogen. Examination of peripheral thick and thin blood smears at the New York State Department of Health (NYSDH) and CDC confirmed P.
Reagent strips measure urine glucose, blood, protein, ketones, pH, bilirubin, urobilinogen, nitrite, ieukocytes, and specific gravity.