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UIDUser Identification
UIDUmsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (German: Value Added Tax Number; EU)
UIDUser Identity
UIDUser Interface Design
UIDUser Identifier
UIDUniversity of Idaho
UIDUser Input Data
UIDUndeclared Identifier
UIDUser Interface Definition
UIDUnique Id
UIDUnit Id
UIDUser Installable Drivers
UIDUniversal Instruction Design (education)
UIDUser Interaction Diagram
UIDUnique Identifier/Identification
UIDUniversal Initializer Disk
UIDUnpaid in Dispute
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However, Google did say they will be storing 'files' such as the stickers, GIFs, videos and photos that users have shared for a period of time without user identifiers to ensure the recipients can download the file.
The leaked information that included user identifiers, real names, traders' e-mail addresses, confidential financial price information and trading activity dates from 2009 and 2010, was freely available online and could be easily found through a simple Google search, the Voice of Russia reported.
Through managing the user identifiers by the IMs, the user lookup operation can be carried out prior to setting up any communications between users in one or across multiple VNs.
* Something the user knows: Virtual assistants use challenge dialogues to ask users questions only the user is likely to be able to answer, such as "What is the name of your first pet?" or "What is your mother's maiden name?" I regret that we will probably continue to be plagued by artificial user identifiers and passwords that must be changed frequently.