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UPUpper Peninsula (of Michigan)
UPUsed Part
UPUnited Press
UPUniversity Press
UPUniversity Place (Washington)
UPUser Profile
UPUser Program
UPUnit Price
UPUniversity of Pennsylvania
UPUniversity of Phoenix
UPUpgrade Package
UPUpper Division (degree plan)
UPUrban Planning
UPUniversity of Portland
UPUniversity of the Philippines
UPUniversity of Pittsburgh
UPUtility Player
UPUnited Party (Papua New Guinea)
UPUnion Pacific Corporation (US railroad)
UPUnited Planet
UPUniversal Precautions (Centers for Disease Control)
UPUnified Process
UPUniversity of Pretoria (South Africa)
UPUnity Party
UPUnited Provinces (India)
UPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPUniversidade do Porto (University of Oporto, Portugal)
UPUnit Police (military)
UPUttar Pradesh (state in India)
UPUnlimited Potential (various locations)
UPUninterruptible Power
UPUnit Personnel
UPUniversidad de Palermo (Spanish)
UPUnited Personnel
UPUser Plane (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)
UPUniversidad del Pacifico (Spanish: University of the Pacific, Peru)
UPUniversidad Panamericana (Guadalajara, Mexico)
UPUnder Provisions
UPUniversité de Poitiers (French: University of Poitiers; France)
UPUnsaturated Polyester
UPUniversiteit Van Pretoria (South Africa)
UPUnsolicited Proposal
UPUtgarde Pinnacle (World of Warcraft)
UPUnión Popular (Spanish: Popular Union)
UPUrban Pipeline (clothing)
UPUillean Pipes
UPUtopia Planitia (Star Trek shipyard)
UPUrticaria Pigmentosa
UPUser Priority
UPUlcerative Proctitis
UPUnion Parishad
UPUnderstanding Principles (Universal Foundation for Better Living)
UPUniform Population (sectorization method)
UPUniversität Passau (Germany)
UPUniversité de Perpignan
UPUniquePhones (website)
UPUnion of Labor (Poland)
UPUtilities Privatization
UPUnknown Precipitation (METAR precipitation)
UPUnibersidad Ng Pilipinas (University of the Philippines)
UPUmbral Plains (gaming, Everquest)
UPUnion Pétrolière
UPUtopia Prime (gaming)
UPUncrossable Parallel (Half-Life modification)
UPUnforgiven Promises (band)
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To qualify for the Payably Sync Beta User Program, merchants must be a QuickBooks Online user, currently accept mobile payments and have iOS-compatible devices for processing.
The lead user program identifies key leaders from the receiving Army units to attend advanced training before all other system users receive new equipment training.
Enables more effective use of resources by understanding program behavior across the virtual environment from a virtualization platform to the operating systems and user programs running on virtual machines
Each service corresponds to a function in the RTMON library which user program can call.
When the user program received the event corresponding to the interrupt, the TSC was read again and the two values subtracted to determine the overall latency.
They want pharmacists to know that not only is it legal for them to sell syringes to anyone who wants them, no questions asked, it makes good public health sense to do so, said Anna Vail, coordinator of the injection drug user program in the HIV Prevention section of the Department of Human Services.
In 1997, Samson and then-postdoctoral student Scott Jelinsky, now a staff scientist at Genetics Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, were discussing which line of investigation he should pursue when they heard about a user program offered by Affymetrix, a Santa Clara, California, company that makes the inches-square chips on which genomic studies are performed.
Sixty times a second, the user program reads the "state of the world" from memory, recalculates the required new state, and then updates the memory and indirectly the I/O.
inDART-HCS12 takes advantage of Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC(S) 12 integrated development environment and the BDM (background debug module) feature to debug the user program. Together with CodeWarrior HC(S)12, inDART-HCS12 is said to provide everything needed to download (program), in-circuit emulate and debug user code.
(VI) Overview of the neutron scattering program in materials science and the LANSCE user program. Shenda M.
A motion control chip handles all processing features of the motor, including the PID loop, the trajectory generator, the user program execution, I/O control, and all communications over as many as three high-speed serial channels simultaneously.