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To be a strong leader in the utilities field, it takes a combination of the following:
Utilities will need to provide their customers with a range of reliability and availability options that can be tailored to each customer's requirements.
Other countries had lowered energy costs by opening services traditionally delivered by public utilities to something like market competition, so why shouldn't California?
Because FASB is proposing a standard that would change how utilities account for nuclear decommissioning costs, it is imperative that CPAs at utilities with nuclear plants examine the standard's implications for their companies.
Or the state regulatory bodies overseeing the investor-owned utilities should decide themselves whether and when eminent domain is used by one of the companies it regulates.
Rebates & Discounts - Some utilities offer special discounts and/or rebates for the adoption of new, more efficient electrotechnologies.
Utilities have been throwing money at lobbyists, spending millions in their effort to influence plans for deregulation.
The nation's utilities are currently awash in excess power, having gone on a construction binge in the last two decades that has left them with 40 percent more capacity than needed to meet current demand.
Supported by a unique combination of Capgemini's deep industry experience and business process expertise and SAP([R]) business applications, SmartTrack for Utilities provides mid-size companies a fast, flexible and cost-effective path to rapidly achieve operational improvements while establishing a platform for growth.
Electric utilities were given yearly allowances to pollute, largely based on what emissions were from 1985-87.
109 will require many utilities to make significant changes in calculating deferred income taxes.
Like bonds, utilities run counter to prevailing interest rates--as interest rates fall, their prices rise.