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To achieve these ends, the knowledge worker needs access to a complex array of information resources, including printed publications of all kinds, information systems documentation, bibliographic and other information utilities, proprietary and public databases, and the thoughts and voices of colleagues.
Aboveground/overhead utilities are an eyesore to a community.
TEI also recommends that the final regulations provide more specific guidance with respect to the election year rules to avoid controversies between utilities and their public utility commissions.
Utilities that leverage data to deliver an improved customer experience and more personalized programs - such as tailored time-of-use billing, or targeted home energy management advice - and do this with a single, integrated solution that combines customer and meter data, will be well poised to take advantage of the continued growth of smart meters and a smarter, more customer-centric grid, according to Roberta Bigliani, Vice President, IDC Energy Insights.
Specifically, the Commission approved a unanimous settlement agreement among Empire, Liberty Sub Corp., and Liberty Utilities (Central) Co., the KCC Staff and the Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board.
Public Utilities would like to clear the entire width of utility easements to provide maximum utilization of the easement.
Are all the utilities being charged the same amount for each individual crossing?
With changes in rates, regulations, and production, customers are looking for more information regarding their usage and bill and how they can lessen the impact of both, said Hillary Martin, senior director, Oracle Utilities. Antiquated customer systems simply dont allow utilities the flexibility and intelligence they need in this changing market paradigm.
While utilities in the state face increasing business pressures, Fitch believes that most utilities have sufficient capacity to manage through these risks and maintain credit quality.
They discuss practical, day-to-day technical topics, best practices and product solutions that businesses, large power users and utilities can implement in their daily operations.
The proposed transaction is structured as a stock purchase in exchange for a cash purchase price of USD 70m, less the total amount of outstanding SLG indebtedness that will be assumed by Liberty Utilities at closing and is expected to be approximately USD 10m.
Arthur Yap as saying the said bill would allow foreigners to own public utilities.