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I do not think, I said, that there can be any dispute about the very great utility of having wives and children in common; the possibility is quite another matter, and will be very much disputed.
I see no reason, then, why our metaphysical poets should plume themselves so much on the utility of their works, unless indeed they refer to instruction with eternity in view; in which case, sincere respect for their piety would not allow me to express my contempt for their judgment; contempt which it would be difficult to conceal, since their writings are professedly to be understood by the few, and it is the many who stand in need of salvation.
Do utility companies have a deeper commitment to diversity, and offer more opportunities for qualified African Americans to succeed?
In an attempt to explain utility computing, many vendors and analysts use electricity or telephone analogies, likening a utility service approach to picking up the phone or switching on the lights--a simple action on the end-user's part, carried out at will.
While the buzzword is new, the concept of utility computing emerged several decades ago.
In June 1994, on the day after Nicole Brown Simpson was found dead, the California Public Utility Commission opened hearings on deregulating the state's electricity market.
Because of the lack of guidance on accounting for these costs, most utility company financial statements do not fully reflect decommissioning liabilities.
The Real Estate Board of New York (RERNY) and Roberts & Holland LLP negotiated the basic agreement with the Department, following REBNY' ssuccessful effort in 1998 to change the law to exclude the sale of unmetered electricity, including HVAC and chilled water to tenants, provided the supplier has paid the utility tax on the sale to the landlord.
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