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At the national level, utilization rates remained essentially flat between 2014 and 2017, although some states showed more significant changes, according to the report.
In January 2018, the NCA utilization rate was only 33 percent, or P133.8 billion of P405.4 billion.
For the second phase of the CVP, overall patterns of lab utilization were presented to hospital administrators and physicians who treated patients in the LTACH.
However, they said that only a few projects made any headway during the first nine months of the fiscal while a huge number of the projects were still lagging behind with less than 14 percent utilization of funds.
He said, on the other hand Planning and Development (P and D) department of KP claims utilization of Rs 119.1 billion against the total allocation of Rs 139 billion.
Traditionally, utilization reports provide summary data regarding the use of purchased EAP services.
The Central Bank Tendencies of the Manufacturing Industry Survey calculates the capacity utilization rate -- the percentage of a company's production capacity that is actually used over a particular period of time -- based on the provisional results of 2,227 manufacturers.
Alternatively, the new web part can be used for tracking and managing utilization of material resources such as, for example, meeting rooms.
The Central Bank made public the capacity utilization rate of manufacturing industry for January 2011, and said the rate was up 6 points year-on-year but down 1 points month-on-month in January 2011.
Federal wood utilization research and product development span a broad spectrum of activities.
This call to action is being driven by competitive pressures requiring mills to maximize capacity utilization and productivity; optimize operational performance; and ensure compliance with environmental, safety; and corporate responsibilities.