vHITVideo Head Impulse Test (clinical tool)
vHITVeterans Health Information Technology
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We used the ICS Impulse version 3.0 vHIT test system by GN Otometrics of Denmark.
Vestibulo-ocular reflex was evaluated using vHIT to register and measure the head and eye velocity during head impulse (GN Otometrics, Denmark).
Bartolomeo et al compared the diagnostic value of vHIT (VHIT Ulmer; Synapsys; Marseille, France) with that of caloric testing using the receiver-operating characteristic curve.
Two important factors in vHIT are the normality and the artifact of the dataset.
The head rotation was only done towards the affected ear, while the patient used the vHIT equipment concurrently.
With the vHIT we were able to record a very low gain for head impulses towards the affected side with covert and overt refixation saccades as a response to the vestibular deficit and because of the spontaneous nystagmus beating towards the normal ear as well as anticompensatory quick eye movements for head movements towards the nonaffected side (Figure 2).
Main features: acquisition of an audiometry booth and a vhit ent for nantes university hospitalevery lot is an ordinary market.
To determine the premise, the ICS Impulse version 3.0 vHIT test system by GN Otometrics of Denmark was employed.
There are no reports of relapses of vestibular neuritis assessed by vHIT.
The head impulse test (HIT) and caloric irrigation showed a deficit of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) on the left side, as confirmed by video HIT (vHIT).