vHTSVirtual High-Throughput Screening
vHTSVictoria Harbour Traffic Scheme (Transport Canada)
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Future revenues will benefit from the entry into service of Eutelsat Quantum, KONNECT and KONNECT VHTS, with an improving trend in the outer years.
Additionally, working with existing "resource groups" (women's groups, youth groups/young mothers' groups, farmers, fishers, VHTs and community leaders) was a means of sustaining efforts after project funding ended.
With a weight of 6.3 ton and a Ka-band capacity of 500 Gbps, KONNECT VHTS will embark the most powerful on-board digital processor ever put in orbit, offering capacity allocation flexibility, optimal spectrum use, and progressive ground network deployment.
The direct beneficiaries of the case companies' health-related CSR activities ranged from young children who had received optometry services, antenatal mothers, ophthalmic clinical officers (OCOs), VHT members, and local leaders.
We conducted a cross-sectional survey among 124 VHTs (59 in site A and 65 in site B) from two randomly selected rural areas in Southwest Uganda: Mbarara district (Site A) and Bushenyi district (Site B).
A comparison of Vh and Vht for wind facilities provides some information on the extent to which hour-to-hour changes reflect short-term trends.
Since, MTV's young-skewing hit "Are You the One?," a spin on the dating genre, has entered its third season, and VHTs cult favorite "Dating Naked" will follow suit.
RESULTSVirtual High throughput screening (vHTS) and docking studies results Onecompound out of 125 compounds was obtained after the result of the 10 rundocking procedure and is shown in the table 1 along with the binding energy.
VHTs called selected persons and their caregivers to a central meeting point at a specified date and time.
a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced that it was selected by the PSN Consortium, led by Indonesian satellite operator Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) to deliver a unified ground station monitoring solution to support the first Very High-Throughput Satellite (VHTS) in the region.
Acting as prime contractor, Thales Alenia Space will deliver the Very High Throughput (VHTS) satellite based on its Spacebus NEO full electric platform and fitted with a fifth-generation digital processor (5G).
Eutelsat Communications (ETCMY) earlier today announced the order of a next-generation VHTS satellite system named Konnect VHTS, to support the development of its European fixed broadband and in-flight connectivity businesses.