vIRFViral Interferon Regulatory Factor
vIRFVehicle Inspection and Repair Fund (California)
vIRFVascular and Interventional Radiology Foundation (Hong Kong)
vIRFVirus-Encoded Interferon Regulatory Factor (biochemistry)
vIRFVendor Inspection Request Form
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Para isso, utilizam o metodo GARCH multivariado Baba-Engle-Kraft-Kroner (BEKK), definido em Engle & Kroner (1995), introduzindo o conceito de funcao resposta a impulso para a volatilidade (VIRF).
5.2 O modelo de funcao resposta impulso para a volatilidade (VIRF)
The DNA samples were amplified by simultaneous detection of the ail, virF, and ystA genes, as described by Lambertz and Danielsson-Tham [26].
Research on virulence genes revealed, at electrophoresis, that positive strains presented a 454 bp band to the ail gene, 700 bp to virF, and 145 bp to the ystA gene.
VirF functions to increase production of VirB which, in turn, promotes the production of factors that increases the bacterium's virulence, or ability to cause illness in its host.
Murphy and Broach's new study, however, suggests that production of VirB can be controlled independently of VirF.
ECEI solo se obtuvo en un caso (0,59%), cepa en la cual amplificaron los genes ipaH y virF (Fig.
VIRFs for GBP/USD and EUR/USD indicate that innovations in these markets are quickly transmitted across markets, with the most dramatic responses usually on day one.
Except for one 3/0:3 infection, all isolates harbored the Yersinia virulence plasmid and virulence genes ail, ystA, virF, and yadA.
The DNA samples were amplified by simultaneous detection of the ail gene for the attachment invasion locus; the invasin gene (inv), the Yersinia heat stable enterotoxin A gene (ystA), the O:3-antigen gene (rfbC), and the virulence-regulatory factor gene (virF), as described by Thisted Lambertz and Danielsson-Tham [18].