vLPRVery Low Pressure Reactor (chemistry)
vLPRVery Late-phase Response
vLPRVictoria Lord Public Relations, Inc. (Canada)
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A finite state machine of the implemented firmware (duty-cycle scenario--switching VLPR and VLPS modes in a predefined interval).
1.8 V 3.3 V VLPR current 0.764 mA 0.706 mA VLPS current 0.018 mA 0.020 mA Average current 0.167 mA 0.164 mA Average power 0.298 mW 0.539 mW Operation time 24.28 s 15.00 s Utilized energy 7.245 mJ 8.089 mJ Energy loss 3.538 mJ 2.450 mJ Unused energy 0.382 mJ 0.676 mJ Total energy 11.165 mJ 11.216 mJ Total efficiency 67.16 % 76.75 %
Firstly, a related work on the existing VLPR system has been discussed in Section 2.
VLPR system has become a core methodology because of the fast progress in urban areas and the rapid traffic congestion.
The segmentation accuracy has a great influence for proper recognition rate since majority of the recognition errors in VLPR framework occur because of the segmentation errors.
Character recognition stage bears a very important role in VLPR framework through identifying the desired number of the LP.
The proposed Vehicular License Plate Recognition (VLPR) framework aims at overcoming the drawbacks of the existing methods.
In most cases, candidate localization has become one of the significant precursors for the VLPR recognition framework [7].