vWAgvon Willebrand Factor Antigen
vWAgVoluntary Workcamp Association of Ghana
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Using information provided by VWAG, VGA marketed the vehicles in Australia as being environmentally friendly, clean burning, low emission and compliant with stringent European standards when this was not the case under normal driving conditions.
The foreign parents VWAG and AMC proceeded from the same starting-point: the wish to create a "strategic and competitive position" in the Asian market.
The difference in the degree of parental control exerted by VWAG and AMC could, of course, be explained by the economic commitment and the scale of investment made.
One could argue that AMC was not exposed to the same tough competition as VWAG, since AMC manufactured jeeps and VWAG passenger cars.
The determination of promoting the SVW's Deputy Managing Director in advance to become a member of the Executive Management Board of VWAG after his assignment at the JV served as an excellent way to support this decision.
The Technical Executive Director at SVW was more controlled by managers at the head office (as compared with his colleague, the Deputy Managing Director) despite having been a division chief at VWAG's engine plant before his appointment at SVW.
In other words, the stable and predictable management structure at VWAG contributed to making career advancement a factor in this context.
The pattern that emerged was that whereas older Germans with overseas experience tended to concentrate on SVW, the loyalties of other Germans were clearly discernible when they addressed their Chinese colleagues in terms such as "We who are from VWAG ...".
One of them stated that they would sometimes, when dealing with a certain matter, hesitate as to whether they should consider the interests of VWAG or those of SVW.