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My aim is to vaccinate every single child in the province and to save them from this crippling disease,' she said.
A Downing Street spokesman said: "The UK pledge will vaccinate one child every two seconds for five years and save one child's life every two minutes.
We hope many GPs will still decide to vaccinate under-fives.
Countries therefore usually vaccinate poultry against influenza only as a last resort.
Decisions on whether to vaccinate all Americans as a pre-attack strategy requires: adequate stores of licensed vaccine (available in 2004), demonstrated acceptance of the risks of the vaccine by the public after phases one and two and/or a clear risk assessment that the return of smallpox is imminent.
Plans are now underway to vaccinate about 500,000 hospital workers against smallpox.
We believe we should have plans in place both to search and contain with limited numbers of people being vaccinated around the source of the outbreak, but also we should have in place enough vaccine to vaccinate on a mass population basis if necessary,' Sir Liam said.
Two Alberta parents went to court over whether or not to vaccinate their children during the recent meningitis scare.
The company employs 250 doctors and nurses, who vaccinate all over Denmark.
However, parents who did not vaccinate their children against influenza were significantly less likely than those who did vaccinate to indicate that getting a viral infection was % very important" trigger of their child's asthma (47% vs.
Health Ministry official and National H1N1 Management Committee member Olga Kalakouta told the press that since most healthcare personnel work at the bigger hospitals, it made sense to vaccinate them there.
A NEW campaign to get Welsh farmers to vaccinate their livestock against bluetongue has been backed by both farming unions.