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A Downing Street spokesman said: "The UK pledge will vaccinate one child every two seconds for five years and save one child's life every two minutes.
We hope many GPs will still decide to vaccinate under-fives.
National public health officials stress that there is enough vaccine available today should we need to vaccinate all Americans as an emergency measure.
The company employs 250 doctors and nurses, who vaccinate all over Denmark.
PESHAWAR -- A 3-days National Immunization Days (NID) Campaign will kick-off in 25 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata to vaccinate children against polio here on Monday.
Deputy District Health Officer (DDHO) Dr Rao Amjad told that over 400 teams have been constituted to vaccinate children ranging from six months to 10 during the campaign.
It is never too late to vaccinate and I would encourage parents and young people to ensure they have had two doses to protect against measles.
Similarly, but on a different tack, it is proposed to vaccinate badgers to eradicate TB in cattle.
Taking part in a stakeholders telephone conference yesterday afternoon (Thursday) Compassion in World Farming had it confirmed from Defra that the necessary steps to enable vaccination have been put in place and Government is ready to vaccinate as soon as they make the decision.
Public health experts are especially relieved that it is not trying to vaccinate the whole population, as some had proposed.
This expands the ACIP's previous recommendation to only vaccinate laboratory workers who directly handle vaccinia or other orthopox virus.
The report says the government was on standby to vaccinate cattle on March 27 2001, but food industry groups consulted opposed its plans, saying consumers would not want meat from vaccinated cattle.