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Do I know the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number?
IAVI (the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative) has more money than ever, with Bill and Melinda Gates pledging an extra $100 million a year ago.
Why have 42 states added the vaccine to their lists of immunizations required for attending school?
Under the terms of the agreement, AVANT will make an upfront equity investment in Select Vaccines and fund influenza vaccine R&D for two years, as well as provide payments to Select Vaccines for the achievement of specific preclinical and clinical development milestones.
In a series of experiments, the research groups sprayed an aerosol of the vaccine into chicks' eyes.
The UK stockpile vaccine is based on an inactivated influenza strain similar to the H5N1 avian subtype that has circulated throughout Southeast Asia and more recently in Central Asia and parts of Europe.
This is not to say that the finding of adventitious agents must result in removal of these vaccine stocks.
One challenge to using live-attenuated vaccine for HIV is that the vaccine uses viral proteins to elicit immune responses.
The extent of the AIDS vaccine research that remains to be done became especially clear earlier this year when the William H.
the vaccine is the first of its kind to reach Phase III human clinical trials.
Second, if the vaccine business is so lucrative, reaping high profits "at the expense of our children," why has the number of producers fallen from 12 to five in the last 10 years?
Our unique ability to develop safe and effective vaccines by screening whole genomes for candidate vaccine components with computer algorithms is at the core of this research effort," said Anne De Groot, M.