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VAINVaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
VAINValley AIDS Information Network, Inc. (est. 1989; Oregon)
VAINVesta Access Information Network
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Therefore am I forbearing to the vain, because they are the physicians of my melancholy, and keep me attached to man as to a drama.
And further, who conceiveth the full depth of the modesty of the vain man!
And if that be the true virtue which is unconscious of itself--well, the vain man is unconscious of his modesty!--
But disguised do I want to see YOU, ye neighbours and fellowmen, and well- attired and vain and estimable, as "the good and just;"--
In the morning when he awoke, he began to search over hill and dale for this pretty flower; and eight long days he sought for it in vain: but on the ninth day, early in the morning, he found the beautiful purple flower; and in the middle of it was a large dewdrop, as big as a costly pearl.
But in vain he examined all the hedges and all the thickets; in vain he questioned everyone he met along the road.
In vain Saphir declared that love made them equal; Serpentine would only reply: 'I love you too much to allow you to marry beneath your rank.
Nothing could comfort him now; Hattersley's rough attempts at consolation were utterly in vain. The world was nothing to him: life and all its interests, its petty cares and transient pleasures, were a cruel mockery.
'But I seem to speak in vain. He does not now, as formerly, laugh these blessed truths to scorn: but still he cannot trust, or will not comprehend them.
Goad on your bullocks, and never more pray to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend upon it you will henceforth pray in vain."
"And helping those young people and teenagers certainly has not been living in vain.
The doctors tried to save her life but in vain and she expired in hospital.