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VALValine (Amino Acid)
VALVatican City Lira (defunct currency; ISO designation)
VALValidity Checks (File Name Extension)
VALValue Added Logistics (supply chain)
VALVéhicule Automatique Léger (French driverless metro system)
VALVoluntary Agency Liaison
VALVoice Application Language
VALValidation Facility
VALVoluntary Action Leicester (England, UK)
VALValue-Oriented Algorithmic Language
VALVisit Authorization Letter
VALAttack Squadron, Light
VALVisiting Aircraft Line (US Marine Corps)
VALVertical Alarm Limit
VALVideo Associates Labs, Inc. (Austin, TX)
VALVariable Adjustable Life Insurance
VALVulnerability Assessment Laboratory
VALVariable Angle Launcher
VALVehicle Authorization List
VALVicarm Arm Language
VALVehicle Administrative Liaison
VALVehicle Assembler/Loader
VALVehicle Availability List
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Life science companies will benefit from VTI's validation expertise and their knowledge of the ValGenesis VLMS platform.
As you are aware, validation is very paper-intensive.
The validation of the atmosphere inside a package provides a sure indication that the thermal seals on the package are correct.
Although these developments satisfy the first and second elements--understanding of the basic biology and toxicology, and platforms amenable for toxicity testing--the third element, validation and regulatory acceptance, has been more difficult.
Before data validation was integrated into gas measurement systems, field engineers and measurement analysts reviewed hundreds of paper records to determine violations or anomalies in the data.
The AES validation test suite is part of NIST's CMVP, which encompasses validation testing for cryptographic modules and algorithms.
Mullen noted that two pharmaceutical engineering and construction industry veterans with more than 50 years of combined experience in facilities validation for FDA approval have joined the company to support the new group.
AVL customers realize many benefits associated with the validation program.
The Validation goal is to keep communication open, to ease anxiety, to help Mrs.
Important research needs include the identification of panels of protein markers that are likely to provide useful clinical information, design of practical assays for these panels, and validation of these panels and assays in well characterized populations of human subjects.