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VPAValproic Acid (anticonvulsant drug)
VPAVisual and Performing Arts (educational department)
VPAVoluntary Partnership Agreement
VPAVice President Academic
VPAVirtual Personal Assistant (various companies)
VPAVoice Pump Manager
VPAValid Printable Area
VPAVirginia Port Authority (Norfolk, VA)
VPAVirginia Press Association
VPAVirtual Population Analysis
VPAVeterans' Party of America (est. 2013)
VPAVancouver Port Authority (Canada)
VPAVietnam People's Army
VPAVertical Path Angle (aviation)
VPAVeritas Preparatory Academy (Phoenix, AZ)
VPAVaginal Pulse Amplitude
VPAVoluntary Placement Agreement
VPAVolunteer Protection Act of 1997
VPAVoter Public Access (Wisconsin)
VPAVermont Principals' Association
VPAVolume Purchase Agreement
VPAVAX Performance Advisor
VPAVictorian Preservation Association
VPAVolunteer Pilots Association
VPAValid Peripheral Address
VPAVoice Print Analysis (speech)
VPAVietnam Pepper Association
VPAVienna Programme of Action on Science and Technology for Development (UN; Vienna, Austria)
VPAVirtual Pilots Association
VPAVoice Path Assurance (telephony)
VPAVernal Pool Association (Peabody, MA)
VPAVertical Patch Antenna
VPAVancouver Public Aquarium
VPAVariable Power Amplifier
VPAVoluntary Pricing Agreement
VPAVector Potential Analysis
VPAVice President Agency
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Hyperplastic gingivitis in a child receiving sodium valproate treatment.
Analyses in the prior Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs (NEAD) study have shown that valproate is linked to major congenital malformations and lower IQ in toddlers (N.
In addition, according to the Naranjo ADR probability scale (2) used as an assessment tool, the adverse event was probably related to sodium valproate (six points).
The sodium valproate group comprised 11 men and 34 women at a mean [+ or -] SD age of 31.3 [+ or -] 3.5 years, and the Sumatriptan group consisted of 12 men and 33 women patients at a mean [+ or -] SD age of 30.1 [+ or -] 3.1 years.
The resolution between the 2-(1-ethyl-methyl)pentanoic acid and the valproate salt was not achieved by the other columns.
Avoid prescribing valproate for women of reproductive potential, if at all possible
In upto 44% of patients chronic dosing with Sodium Valproate may be associated with elevation in the transaminases during the first months of therapy.
The FDA cited data from the Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs study, published in March 2013, which found that at age 6, children whose mothers had taken valproate products while pregnant had lower IQs, compared with those whose mothers took other antiepileptic drugs.
When the researchers ran the numbers, they found that prenatal valproate exposure was connected with an absolute risk for autism of 4.4 percent, meaning that around 4 out of every 100 children of mothers that took valproate during pregnancy were later diagnosed with autism.
When all the figures were analysed and factors likely to influence the results accounted for, the findings showed that children exposed to valproate alone in the womb were six times more likely to be diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder.
Stuporous episodes during treatment with sodium valproate: report of seven cases.
Specifically, they found valproate more often prescribed for women with epilepsy who also had mood or anxiety and dissociative disorder, while topiramate was more often prescribed in women with headaches or migraines.