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'That's the best way to get value for money for the government, and that's how it's done in countries like Singapore and Hong Kong,' he added.
Overall: 9/10 Taste : 8/10 Value for money : 9/10 Thomas Deacon Charlestons This late-night steak house, which has been there for 28 years, is open until 2.30am on a weekday and until an obscene 4am on a weekend.
The effect hereof is that although the main objective of procurement may be to obtain a value for money, this is not as simple in the case of public procurement as in the case of private procurement, as other considerations are also of importance.
Firms will have flexibility in how they articulate value for money, and their information will include qualitative aspects, such as the extent of investment management service provided, and not just quantitative data such as fees.
At the heart of the concept of Value for Money (VFM), the Vice President noted, are three critical elements, namely economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
When you think of best value for money, you may automatically jump to the cheapest option.
Just two examples of the real lack of value for money and waste at the BBC.
The consumer watchdog said: "On value for money, it's shockingly behind everyone else."
A FORMER chief risk officer at Lloyds Banking Group is to oversee a probe into around PS30bn worth of pension savings which are feared to be at risk of delivering poor value for money.