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VandVandal (linguistics)
VANDVaccine Associated Neurotrophic Disease (yellow fever vaccination side effect)
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com or call Todd Vandal directly at (204) 299-8887.
After the second vandal attack, Councillor Martin White had said: "How very sad some people are.
A vandal, or vandals, used red, black and silver paint on glass windows and window frames at the listed building on the Queen Square Business Park.
American Vandal takes its cues from Making A Murderer and is pitched as an investigation into a campus crime.
A CANLEY pensioner whose silver sports car was painted gold has put up a PS2,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the vandal responsible.
VANDAL ripped advertising boards down at a football club.
Context is key and one cannot understand the emergence of a Vandal kingdom in Africa without evaluating the constant strife at the higher echelons of the Imperial establishment.
The purpose-built garden in Ward End Park has been the target of vandal attacks in recent weeks, with homegrown vegetable patches and sunflowers being destroyed.
Chairman," she said, "if you're going to have Councilor Vandal do your dirty work for you .
A FOLIAGE sculpture of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr came a cropper when a vandal chopped off his head.
the Vandals had wrested Carthage from imperial rule and Rome was forced to agree to a treaty formalizing the Vandal seizure of important North African territories.