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VandVandal (linguistics)
VANDVaccine Associated Neurotrophic Disease (yellow fever vaccination side effect)
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The victim has released CCTV of the suspected vandal but so far police have drawn a blank.
Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, vandal resistant, exit and emergency, high bay, low bay, linear fluorescent, track lighting and grow light fixtures.
The previous year's vandal came with the words: "Cappy Cook was a crook killer liar theif.
The vandals smashed up the away team's dugout and tried to get into the clubhouse's canteen, leaving dozens of empty beer cans on the pitch at Cae Seilo, Y Felinheli, Gw ynedd.
POLICE went armed with paintbrushes to protect a community garden from mindless vandals.
Vandal afterward told a reporter to "consider the source.
The vandal, who left John, Paul and George alone, struck nearly three months after Starr's controversial appearance on BBC1's Jonathan Ross show.
Twenty years after the events in the Balkans, the Goths and Vandals and other Germanic peoples were again pressing to the west, again probably being propelled by pressures from migrating Huns in the east.
Gilles Vandal offers a comprehensive and informative analysis of southern violence in his study of post-Civil War Louisiana.
Working alongside VR Brazil, the actual creators of the Hybris vandal, Hacker Brazil successfully created a tool that produces an encrypted script within the vandal that makes it more difficult to analyze.
Self-righteous vandals lead a desperate, ill-informed campaign against genetically modified foods.