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VARValue-Added Reseller (usually of technology products)
VARVacuum Arc Remelted
VARVisual-Aural Range
VARVeluwse Afval Recycling (Dutch waste recycling company; Netherlands)
VARVarna, Bulgaria - Varna (Airport Code)
VARVisual-Aural Radio Range
VARVolcanic Activity Reporting
VARVoltage Adjusting Rheostat
VARVendor Approval Request
VARVehicle Anomaly Report
VARVereinte Arabische Republik (UAR; Egypt & Syria 1958-1961)
VARValue Assurance Review
VARVisit Access Request
VARVideo-to-Audio Carrier Ratio
VARValidation Assessment Report
VARVulnerability Assessment Review
VARVoice Access Router
VARVector Auto-Regressive/ion
VARVuestra Alteza Real (Spanish: Your Royal Highness)
VARVisual Acuity Rating (optometry)
VARVulnerability Assessment Report
VARVolt-Ampere Reactive
VARValue At Risk
VARVariance Analysis Report
VARVirginia Association of Realtors (trade association)
VARValue Added Reseller
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Data of seasonal mean incidence indicated that the variety Round Black had a highestincidence, followed by that on the variety Bemisal, than that on all other varieties included in the trial (Table I).
A well designed questionnaire was developed to collect information from the farmers regarding basic data of farmers; variety wise area sown; land preparation; time of sowing; fertilizer applied; agronomic practices; plant protection measures adopted; yield and price etc.
The candidate variety showed a good performance in the preliminary varietal trial, so it was promoted and tested under semi-final and final varietal trials.
Displays are critical to the success of a new variety.
Finally, the Alentejo region in the south makes excellent wines under very warm growing conditions from Aragonez (a biotype of the Spanish variety Tempranillo), Castelao, Trincadeira and the French grape Alicante Bouschet.
One fee ($248 annually) provides access on any platform to all Variety products, including the print editions of Daily Variety and Weekly Variety, as well as Variety .
But this variety will be more helpful to the planters as input costs in terms of pesticides used for controlling the rusts will be lower.
During the last 4 years, from l0 to 15 percent of the wheat acreage in Kansas and Washington--large wheat-growing states--was planted with variety mixtures, according to experts.
The reason for this is that each variety has a slightly different bloom period and planting two varieties will assure pollination over a longer time span.
The Variety Entertainment News Service provides editors with access to a wide range of breaking-news stories and analyses; feature articles; newsmaker profiles; opinion columns; movie, TV, music and theater reviews; box office reports; photographs and more.
Center scientists have also developed a nutritionally enhanced variety of cassava, a root vegetable that is a dietary staple for hundreds of millions worldwide.
Children must be introduced to a variety of genres and writing styles to help develop their own interest in reading and writing.