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VASTViewer Access Satellite Television (Australia)
VASTVisual Audio Sensory Theater (band)
VASTVariable Advance Spark Timing
VASTVariable Array Storage Technology
VASTVisual Analytics Science and Technology (Symposium)
VASTVietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
VASTVisualage Smalltalk
VASTVector Alignment Search Tool
VASTValue Added Strategic Thinking (VAST Atlantic Company Inc.)
VASTVirtual At Sea Training (US Navy)
VASTVermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc.
VASTValley Aquatics Swim Team (Puyallup, WA)
VASTValley Area Swim Team (various locations)
VASTVirtual Archive Storage Technology
VASTVexillological Association of the State of Texas
VASTVancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture (British Columbia, Canada)
VASTVermont Association of Snowmobile Travelers
VASTVeterans Affairs Security Team
VASTValue Added Services for Transport (EU)
VASTVulnerability Analysis for Surface Targets
VASTValley AeroSpace Team (rocketry club)
VASTVersatile Avionics Shop/Ship Test/er
VASTVirginia Advanced Speakers Toastmaster club
VASTValue Added Search Technology (VAST Atlantic Company Inc.)
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After wandering over these vast continents, the eye is attracted by the still greater seas.
that vast "Sea of Humors," barely softened by some drops of the waters from the "Gulf of Dew!" Clouds, rain, storms, and humors-- does the life of man contain aught but these?
Occasionally the monotony of this vast wilderness is interrupted by mountainous belts of sand and limestone, broken into confused masses; with precipitous cliffs and yawning ravines, looking like the ruins of a world; or is traversed by lofty and barren ridges of rock, almost impassable, like those denominated the Black Hills.
Some portions of it along the rivers may partially be subdued by agriculture, others may form vast pastoral tracts, like those of the East; but it is to be feared that a great part of it will form a lawless interval between the abodes of civilized man, like the wastes of the ocean or the deserts of Arabia; and, like them, be subject to the depredations of the marauder.
The remnants of the Mohicans, and the Delawares, of the Creeks, Choctaws, and Cherokees, are destined to fulfil their time on these vast plains.
He who can read Sir Charles Lyell's grand work on the Principles of Geology, which the future historian will recognise as having produced a revolution in natural science, yet does not admit how incomprehensibly vast have been the past periods of time, may at once close this volume.
These vast regions we have little knowledge of: they are inhabited by nations entirely different from the Abyssins; their hair is like that of the other blacks, short and curled.
At the twentieth there was a general shudder, as it occurred to the minds of that vast assemblage that the bold travelers shut up within the projectile were also counting those terrible seconds.
Vast perspectives of success unroll themselves before my eyes.
Before him rose a grotesque mass of rocks, that resembled nothing so much as a vast fire petrified at the moment of its most fervent combustion.
A totally different class has now sprung up:--"the Mountaineers," the traders and trappers that scale the vast mountain chains, and pursue their hazardous vocations amidst their wild recesses.
This theory, moreover, is totally inapplicable to the northern Maldiva atolls in the Indian Ocean (one of which is 88 miles in length, and between 10 and 20 in breadth), for they are not bounded like ordinary atolls by narrow reefs, but by a vast number of separate little atolls; other little atolls rising out of the great central lagoon-like spaces.