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VATIVancouver Art Therapy Institute
VATIVictorian Association of Teachers of Italian (Victoria, Australia)
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Parva damus (fateor) nascentis munera vatis, Vilis opus Musae: sed quae flavique metalli, Argentique ferax litus, gemmasque nitentes, Quas Novus ante pedes ultro TIBI straverat Orbis, 10 Sprevisti dudum rigidae virtutis amore; Haud rerum jam magna petis, nec carmina tangunt Montis Apollinei vanos jactantia fontes.
Some younger women who used to go out to the farms to give food or water to the men in the afternoon have (now) even stopped," said 75-year-old Om Vati.
Nec verbere solo uteris et stimulos flammasque in viscera mergis; accipit et frenos, nec tantum prodere vati quantum scire licet" (Lucanus, Phars.
Holarrhena antidysenterica was used by the TMP to treat dysentery; the ancient Indian traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda uses an Ayurvedic formulation known as Kutajghan Vati containing this plant for treatment of dysentery (Lather et al.
In the last pages she talks of a letter she received from Mutti and Vati - her parents - telling her they missed her and would see her soon.
Ekrem Kadriu, owner of Radio Vati, assessed the suggestions of BC as a diktat and interfering in their program content.
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The higher attrition in the current buoyant mood in the market is also playing a role in increasing these hiring numbers," said Amitabh Das, CEO of Vati Consulting, a recruitment firm.
Moreover, margins are depleting," Amitabh Das, founder and CEO of Vati Consulting said.
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Jezicnu kulturu autorica poima kao utjecaj drustva na jezik, ne samo na standardni, vec se taj utjecaj mora ostvari vati u svim varijetetima nekoga konkretnog jezika, znaci i u regionalnim govorima i narjecjima.