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The post Kotsiatis, Vati rubbish dumps to close at the end of the month appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The agriculture ministry has already sent the European Commission its strategy and timeframe for the closing down Kotsiatis and Vati, Kouyialis said.
This will lead to the discontinuation of the operation of the existing earth wastewater reservoirs located in Vati.
Organic waste has to be taken to specific tips and cannot just be transported to the two legal dumps, Vati or Kotsiatis, said the municipality union spokesman.
A proposal will be submitted to the cabinet by the end of October on waste management, that will see the closure of the landfills in Vati and Kotsiatis, Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis said.
The landfill at Kotsiatis, but also the one in Vati near Limassol closed down at the end of February as part of Cyprus' obligation to implement the European directives on waste management.
11, 2018, at Vati can, when he said: "And for the sake of our own credibility, we must involve women at all levels of the Church, from the parish to the levels of the diocese, the Bishops' Conference, and thus in the Vatican, more in leadership tasks.
(ed.), The Modern Theologians I, Oxford: Blackwell, 1994, 23-47; DAHLKE, b., Karl Barth, Catholic Renewal and Vati can II, London-New York: Bloomsbury T & T, 2012, 1-24.
This is just the basic version of khaman, there are several other interesting versions of khaman which are a must try like nylon khaman, Amiri khaman, Vati dal khaman and masala khaman to name some popular and prominent ones.