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'We had to relocate temporarily and during that time it was really sad for us because we lost our businesses,' Vatu said.
Loaloa Point is on the coast, as are Vatutabataba, Rukunawai and the boulder in Rukuruku Bay; and Vatu vola and Menawai are in swamps.
Vatu vehemently criticized when she directly addressed her employer: "So if, I mean I'll just say to the employers out there, if they could just change that kind of attitude that the person who is coming here is suffering or the person who is coming here, she has to be a slave because we are paying her."
Even the world's most expensive island - Vatu Vara in Fiji - would only set you back pounds 39.4million.
In 1996, the bride-price was 50,000 vatu (about 500 dollars).
accrued back rent of some 80,000 vatu (around $AU900).
First and foremost, these complexes are structured around an arrangement of stone "seats" (vatu mianganga (Uneapa: U)) and "tables" (vatu kira mianganga (U)), but they also contain mortars (vatu tsiromanga (U)), grinding hollows, axe-grinding grooves (ravuravuanga (U)), cooking places (mumu (TP)) and of course rock art (matabubu (U)).
pra te ratham mithukrtam, indro 'vatu dhrsnuya' asminn ajau puruhuta sravayye, dhanabhaksesu no 'va
In April 2005, in conversation with Sean Dorney of ABC Radio, Selwyn Garu, then General Secretary of the Malvatumauri, Vanuatu's National Council of Chiefs, announced the revocation of a previous policy of a ceiling of 80,000 vatu (c.
Although the 'reasons adduced' in the 1992 hearing (decision of the Port Vila Court's civil division, 10 July 1992 in the Re the Nagol Jump, Assal & Vatu v.