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vdWVan Der Waals (atomic force; molecular modeling)
vdWVerband der Wohnungswirtschaft (German: Housing Industry Association)
vdWVirtual Data Warehouse
vdWVery Deep Water
vdWVerband Deutscher Wirtschaftsberater (society of German economic advisors)
vdWVery Dear Wife (IRC)
vdWVertex Diffracted Wave
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The interviewers also asked questions about the leaders' knowledge of the KPCO VDW. The qualitative input gathered during these interviews was incorporated into Team deliberations around potential gaps for intervention.
It presents the latest achievements and future potentials of 2D magnetic van der Waals (vdW) materials, which were unknown until 6 years ago and have recently attracted worldwide attention.
Many Twitter users and some prominent comedians and commentators have turned the 'I took my grandmother to watch VDW' into very funny satirical comments on Twitter.
The receptor protein structure is represented in a new cartoon secondary structure style, and the ligand is represented in a Vdw style.
Nanoinks based on van der Waals (vdW), materials and CNTs have been successfully printed, showing promise for the field of conformal and, more specifically, flexible RF electronics based on their propensity to perform under flexing.
Although in [2, 3], the Van der Waals (VdW)-like first-order phase transition was first found in the RN-AdS black hole, in the extended phase space it was found that the critical behaviors of the RN-AdS black hole have more similarities to that of the VdW liquid/gas system [16].
O distances below the sum of vdW radii-2.72 [Angstrom] (O, 1.52 [Angstrom] and H, 1.20 [Angstrom]), according to Bondi [34, 35].
Complex Pose Grid_score Grid_vdw (kcal x [mol.sup.-1]) (kcal x [mol.sup.-1]) CB7/SY 1 -43.1004 -47.0535 2 -42.9977 -47.1133 3 -39.7064 -46.9512 Complex Pose GriThes Int_en (kcal x [mol.sup.-1]) (kcal x [mol.sup.-1]) CB7/SY 1 3.9531 5.5096 2 4.1156 14.5849 3 7.2448 4.2503 vdw: van der Waals force; es: electrostatic force; Int_en: intramolecular energy.
The working lengths of three root canals were determined by using Raypex 5 (VDW, Munich, Germany) apex locator, and checked with a radiograph (Figure 2).