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VECTORVideo Exploration of Careers, Transitions, Opportunities and Realities (Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)
VECTORVisualisation of the Exposure of Cyclists to Traffic On Roads (Europe)
VECTORVectoring, Extremely Short Takeoff and Landing Control and Tail-Less Operation Research (X-31 research aircraft)
VECTORValue-added Enterprise Communications Through Open-systems Resources (Sprint)
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n x n] be a vector space consisting of all (n x n) complex matrices.
Dengue has been successfully prevented through vector control in 3 instances.
Indeed in California, at least, West Nile virus and its mysterious transmission provide a challenge for vector ecologists, who say they are experiencing science in the making while also helping to find hot spots quickly, before the virus claims another life.
In a vector, it's useful to have several components, each one performing a special function, says Behr.
Tripos Discovery Informatics is an investment from Vector Capital III, a $350-million private equity fund raised in 2005.
The ability of these spirochetes to remain associated with their arthropod vectors throughout the lifespan of the vector is well established (20).
I think it's one of the most important vector developments in years," says gene therapist James M.
Tripos' preliminary estimate is that there would be between $6 million and $12 million available for distribution to common stockholders, assuming completion of the Vector transaction, sale of the Discovery Research business on the terms currently being negotiated, and sale of certain other corporate assets, such as the Missouri headquarters building, surplus U.
For instance, empirical findings may demonstrate that a particular disease vector responds to local variations in precipitation (i.
Blue Vector's Smart Conveyor Tunnel includes all components necessary for operation, including RFID readers from companies such as Symbol Technologies, a Blue Vector partner.
One of the most helpful chapters for this reviewer was the one entitled, "Systematic Relationships among Disease Vectors," which defines molecular systematics terminology and explains how phylogenetic relationships among species are inferred from molecular data.