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VENVendredi (French: Friday)
VENVenezuela (ISO Country code)
VENVenerdì (Italian: Friday)
VenVenetic (linguistics)
VENVermont Ethics Network
VENVariable Exhaust Nozzle
VENVirginia Education Network
VENVlaamse Ecologische Network (Dutch: Flemish Ecological Network; Belgium)
VENViolent Extremist Network
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He looked to the spot where Defarge the vendor of wine had stood, a moment before; but the wretched father was grovelling on his face on the pavement in that spot, and the figure that stood beside him was the figure of a dark stout woman, knitting.
They were Levantines, itinerant vendors of cheap rugs, and each bore on his arm a bundle.
Ensure that new vendors are legitimate entities and not shell companies or phantom vendors by confirming their existence in the public domain.
Here a customer buys some fruit from a vendor on Van Nuys Boulevard in Pacoima on Saturday.
In 2004, innovative storage-savvy startups led the iSCSI charge, and, as the market developed, established vendors weighed in with their own iSCSI offerings.
The security target and the evaluation evidence can be developed by the vendor or a hired consultant.
Well, if every vendor did that, they'd all be broke, and there'd be no partners left to have.
Carlos Ghosn proved as much when one of the most decisive methods he used to fix Nissan was to slash the number of locked-in vendors and open up procurement to newcomers.
Ironically, distrust of immigrant street vendors has grown simultaneous to the growth of the counterfeit businesses and vendor activity since Sept.
The administrator should also expect that the maintenance vendor will use due diligence when performing and/or reporting (as necessary) the six cost-center elements common to all surface transportation fleets--i.
If the advertising allowance is based on a percentage of purchases or is volume-based, generally the vendor will reduce the reseller's outstanding receivable or issue a credit for future purchases.