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(Lowndes 1882: 17) It is clear from his words that he was in favour of regulation and that he considers the work done by these institutions as necessary to stop the spread of venereal disease and to avoid contagion.
Further changes to the norm which regulate responsibility for contamination with a venereal disease were performed in the USSR after the end of the Second World War which was reflected in the Article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic in 1960.
Syphilis is diagnosed by a blood test known as Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)test.
He wrote that the "contraction of venereal disease is considered evidence of improper indoctrination of the individual which is an indication of poor leadership on the part of the unit commander ...
In some countries around the world, a marriage licence would not be issued if positive results for a venereal disease appear, while other countries would not allow the couple to get married if both partners are aware of the presence of the
The third is the reluctance and oftentimes refusal in America to discuss venereal diseases. Though these points might seem simplistic or unnecessary to the professional historians, given religious resistance to science in twenty-first century America and given the refusal by certain segments of the conservative movement to move beyond the language of abstinence to discuss sexuality, such projects are not only necessary but central to what historians should be doing.
There was fear that penicillin might offer "complete freedom to indulge in licentiousness ..." or "if extramarital sex did not lead to significant illness, only a 'few intangibles of the spirit' would remain to guide people into moral paths." Parascandola notes, "Social hygienists had always been at least as interested in moral as in health issues, and so their fight would not end with the defeat of venereal disease."
In the case of the Korean War vets, their objections arose from the inclusion of the fact that Canadians had the highest rate of venereal disease among all the allied forces deployed to Southeast Asia.
In many ways, topics related to venereal disease are well-known--the Contagious Diseases Acts are a staple in women's history--but the diseases were also perceived in a peculiarly Catholic reverse theology: they were the outward and visible sign of inward disgrace.
Once on a visit to his unit, he enquired what was done to the man who was suffering from venereal disease. When he was told that the man's head was shaved off, he roared: "Shaved off?
Unfortunately, he infects her with a venereal disease and reports her as his last conquest.
In fact, the police had been authorised by the governor to undertake "special drives" in the area precisely because RAF personnel in the twin-towns had the highest rate of venereal disease infection along the coast.