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For example, what a fool a builder must be to open a ventilator into another room, when, with the same trouble, he might have communicated with the outside air
The jaws of the listener at the ventilator clicked together with a vicious snap.
Von Heumann will be past sensation almost as soon as I get my hand through his ventilator.
What did Jukes think he was stuck up there for, if he couldn't get one of his decayed, good-for-nothing deck-cripples to turn the ventilators to the wind?
He remained there, his ear in the cowl of the ventilator, his eyes fastened on those menacing sidelights dancing on the gusts of wind which swept the angry darkness of the sea.
And while we pumped the ship was going from us piecemeal: the bulwarks went, the stanchions were torn out, the ventilators smashed, the cabin-door burst in.
Then he walked round the small building, and found no other opening except one small grating like a ventilator, high up in the wall.
she exclaimed, "you promised me, my dear, that there should be no ventilators in our new house.
The powerful ventilators added their continuous blasts and saturated with oxygen the glowing plates.
The passengers were huddled about the smoke-stacks and fortified behind ventilators, and all were wrapped in wintry costumes and looking sleepy and unhappy in the pitiless gale and the drenching spray.
The three islanders swarmed from the tiny forecastle, two of them leaping to the halyards and holding by a single turn, while the third fastened down the engineroom, companion and swung the ventilators around.
Nature, to a civil-service clerk is, in fact, the sphere of the office; his horizon is bounded on all sides by green boxes; to him, atmospheric changes are the air of the corridors, the masculine exhalations contained in rooms without ventilators, the odor of paper, pens, and ink; the soil he treads is a tiled pavement or a wooden floor, strewn with a curious litter and moistened by the attendant's watering-pot; his sky is the ceiling toward which he yawns; his element is dust.