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I rang the bell and called for the weekly county paper, which contained a verbatim account of the inquest.
I still retain an almost verbatim report of the interview in which he demonstrated the true facts of the case to Monsieur Dubugue of the Paris police, and Fritz von Waldbaum, the well-known specialist of Dantzig, both of whom had wasted their energies upon what proved to be side-issues.
MKM / Verbatim is world renowned for pushing the boundaries of optical disc technology and delivering high quality products.
The author pointed and commented on the verbatim in our article "A recently published study from Brazil highlighted that there is no need of radiopharmacist in their nuclear medicine units"; this verbatim is interpreted on the pretext of the following verbatim mentioned in the abstract of the article and as well as the verbatim under the results and discussion of the article "Hospital Nuclear Pharmacy Survey: Preliminary Aspects In Brazil published in Volume 4, Issue 4 of the Journal of Young Pharmacists.
The TUFF-'N'-TINY USB drive from Verbatim is as slim as a penny, but with 32 GB of storage space, it's plenty big enough to hold your most critical documents.
In its decision, the tax court adopted verbatim the market values proposed by the County in its post-trial brief.
Mauricio Andrade, director de Verbatim Mexico, explico la evolucion por la que atraveso la compania para continuar vigente en el segmento de almacenamiento.
Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Group.
The wireless Nano mice, like all Verbatim mice, never fail to impress thanks to their pleasant handling and ergonomic design.
The colours of the Verbatim Nano mice are coordinated with the laptop colours of the most popular manufacturers to keep the look consistent.
By showcasing these resources, Verbatim is strengthening its commitment to provide consumers with quality information that helps them optimize the enjoyment of their digital memories," said Dean Linker, Verbatim Imaging Product Manager.
Part of Verbatim's corporate strategy is to capitalize on this trend with an expanded line of external HD products that meet the diverse storage needs of consumers and businesses around the globe," said Charles Klinker, Verbatim Director of Marketing for SmartDisk products.