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VERBValues, Empowerment, Resources and Betterment Project (Southeast Asia Resource Action Center)
VERBValue Engineering Review Board
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The composition of a speech was for him a matter of a few hours; with almost preternatural mental activity he organized and sifted the material, commonly as he paced up and down his garden or his room; then, the whole ready, nearly verbatim, in his mind, he would pass to the House of Commons to hold his colleagues spell-bound during several hours of fervid eloquence.
Well, I won't read it verbatim, since you feel so strongly upon the subject.
Earlier this year Verbatim introduced the M-DiSC(TM), a range of optical discs (available in DVD or Blu-ray formats) that enable consumers and business professionals to utilise large-scale optical storage for ultra-long lifetime backup for archiving of important data.
MKM / Verbatim is world renowned for pushing the boundaries of optical disc technology and delivering high quality products.
Make video games even more real with gaming mice Rapier V1 and V2The gaming mice Rapier V1 and V2 from Verbatim are powered by the latest technology.
Part of Verbatim's corporate strategy is to capitalize on this trend with an expanded line of external HD products that meet the diverse storage needs of consumers and businesses around the globe," said Charles Klinker, Verbatim Director of Marketing for SmartDisk products.
By combining its worldwide brand strength with its new assets, Verbatim will offer an expanded range of optical, magnetic and flash products that meet the diverse storage needs of consumers and businesses around the globe.
Get your VERBATIM mugs, totes, caps, mousepads, sweatshirts, and tee-shirts at http://www.
Verbatim products include photopolymer resins specifically designed for printing on corrugated board, multi-wall bags and sacks, labels, molding applications and for the production of hand stamps.
In addition, the high-speed Verbatim media will be produced using advanced precision molding technology that ensures a consistently flat disc surface.
By using the dye technology incorporated in its 4X DVD+R media as the platform for the new, more sensitive AZO technology, Verbatim engineers achieved high-speed 8x +R write speed and ensured that the new media will maintain 1x, 2.
From a business perspective, Verbatim now operates four business units: floppy disks and new business opportunities; backup storage; optical products; and imaging supplies.